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Three new Warmer Climes mixtapes

Here are this week's Warmer Climes mixtapes: The New Waves, Kuryakin and Avner

Kuryakin - Still hereKuryakin
Still here
Shelflife Records


The most obviously Scandinavian of the three Shelflife Records acts I delighted in this past weekend, Kuryakin open their EP with "Take my hands", a song that combines the lush dreaminess of The Radio Dept. with the sample-happy, Motown feel of Jens Lekman -- which is quite an accomplishment to say the least. Effortlessly integrating the organic with the electronic, Kuryakin may carry a torch that many would feel The Radio Dept. initially lit, but this torch lights a very different path for Kuryakin. On "Still here" there is a buoyancy where similar bands explore melancholy, and Kuryakin retain this optimism without sacrificing any of the ethereal quality of their songwriting. "Peace of mind", the closer of the EP, has all the makings of a heartrending composition, instead the song channels all of these genre techniques down brighter avenues. The deft craftsmanship that went into "Still here" has put Kuryakin firmly on my list of artists to keep an eye on. I have the feeling these recordings are only the beginnings of a wonderful catalog.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Mad For It has posted the new Parker Lewis single "Hjältar" (+ video) for download:
Said single also includes b-side remixes by Kuryakin and Kalle J - look for it in the catalogue section.

Portland-based label Shelflife Records will soon be putting out new CD+7" sets from Swedish indiepop acts Days and Kuryakin. Read more:

Nomethod has revealed that besides from new full-length albums and digital singles from both Mixtapes & Cellmates and Aerial, they'll be doing a comp this winter featuring a large cast of exciting Scandinavian artists. Names confirmed so far include Bobby Baby, Mixtapes & Cellmates, Kuryakin, Most Valuable Players, Aerial, Tar...Feathers, Echo Is Your Love, Cat Burglar, Penny Century, We Are Soldiers We Have Guns, Otur, Audrey and KVLR. More details to come!