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Kubot are back, looking for label

Kubot, the Swedish duo of Martin Bergström (Bergdom) and Martin Gustafsson (Boy Omega), are back with a new album after 10 years and are looking for a label to release it. Connect with the band via myspace:

MP3: Boy Omega - Follow the herd

Boy Omega - Follow the herd EP

"Follow the herd" is the 2nd single from Boy Omega's album "The ghost that broke in half", his fifth album overall and one that took a full two years to come to fruition. For all the pieces that were assembled to make that work possible, there were many left behind, hence this EP. Some have appeared in other locations in past and some never before, but now they all come together for you in this 6-song EP. A pair of instrumentals, a pair of covers, a Christmas carol that remains evocative even when the season has passed, and the title track, an orchestral pop tune with dizzying twists and an aching melody.

Tell me about "Follow the herd" -- what's the song about?

It touches upon a few different subjects, but mainly it's about being true to yourself. It's also about the too-early and unexpected death of my uncle.

The track almost feels schizophrenic with the way it splits between the fuzz/Arp-heavy part and the quieter bits with the horns (and strings?)... what's the thought process behind that? How did you end up at that arrangement?

When I'm working on a song in the studio, I basically just try different things until I feel happy with the result. I like surprises and I like when unexpected things happen, so that might have been what I was aiming for.

So how much of that was done at home and how much necessitated the involvement of other musicians/studios? Did you have it all mapped out in your head before you decide it to the next level?

Most of it was done at home. On the songs "Follow the herd" and "Dinosaur drugs", me and Calle Fredrikson (from Alarma Man) ended up finishing the songs in his home studio. We rearranged and rerecorded some parts. Calle also recorded the live drums on "Follow the herd" with Alarma Man drummer Andreas Litfeldt at the La Blaza studio in Göteborg. I usually have a pretty good idea of how I want the song to end up, but as I said before, I like surprises, so it's also nice when you end up with something you didn't expect to end up with.

And how do you know when it's done?

I guess you never know.

What's next for you then? Tour and then fatherhood and then what? Do you have any goals or expectations?

Yes, a tour in a couple of weeks from now. I'm really looking forward to that. I'm also really looking forward to being a dad. I think it will be amazing.

When it comes to music, I've already started recording songs for the next Boy Omega album. I've chosen about 50 songs to work with, and I guess 10-15 will end up on the album. I'll be recording in both my home studio and in the Kepner Treg studio with my good friend (and part-time Boy Omega live member) Per-Ola Eriksson. We'll see when we can finish that one. I'm in no real hurry at the moment, and I think "The ghost that broke in half" deserves some more time in the spotlight before I give birth to yet another album. There are also plans to release three more singles from the ghost album ("Black metal fairies", "Roll the dice" and "No light in the lantern"). All of which will have exclusive b-sides.

What else... I'll be doing a UK radio session in April with exclusive recordings. I'm also working on a new instrumental solo project ( and a brand new project with my best friend Martin Bergström. Me and Martin B will also try to finish and release our second album as Kubot.

When it comes to touring, I just got an offer to do some Boy Omega shows in France next year, so I might say yes to that.

Last, but not least, I plan to spend as much time as possible with my girlfriend and the baby, make some more music videos, take long walks with the dog and bake lots of bread.

Download the full 6-song EP here. You can also go here to download previous single "Dinosaur drugs" along with the exclusive b-side "Our secret".

Boy Omega - Follow the herd

The tracklist for Johnny Bråttom's upcoming "Svensk Populärmusik Volym Tre" compilation has been revealed:

01. Björn Kleinhenz - Better company
02. [brus] feat. Gisela - Long flowering day
03. Double-O - Call of a lifetime
04. CDOASS - The correct use of failure
05. The Tiny - Lake
06. Loney, Dear - A few good men
07. Slagsmålsklubben - Supermaskinen
08. Richard Reagh & wwnb2 - Friends
09. Memoplay - Words are small
10. Lassus - Sunshine
11. Soul Supreme - Hit and run
12. Boy Omega - By midnight we'll give it a go
13. Britta Persson - You are the best
14. Talking to Teapots - Waiting for it all to end
15. Kubot - Go west
16. 50 Hertz - Chansen finns men är försvinnande liten
17. Zacke feat. Johnny Redskin - I ain't lyin'
18. Niccokick - Some don't make it through the haze
19. Pete Thompson - Our roads
20. Hans Appelqvist - Godnatt Bremort

It comes out in April. declares that Solefald's new album "In Harmonia Universali" positions them as "as leaders of the avant-harde, depth metal movement." Sure, that works for me I guess. Read the full review.

The first slew of bands confirmed for Trästocksfestivalen which takes place in Skellefteå from July 17-19: Christian Kjellvander, The Concretes, Monastir, The Bear Quartet, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Peter Bjorn And John, KVLR and Darcy.

Here's the bands confirmed to play Mit Nästa Liv which takes place July 18-19 at Ljungnäs, just north of Kalmar in Sweden: Rocky Dennis, The Kid, Ed Greene, Dialog Cet, Handsome Train, Myredpocketbook, Dorotea, Eisenhower, Hormones in Abundance, Rough Bunnies, Cat and Dog Dialogue, and Javelins. More info:

The Sounds will be on WXRK 92.3 in New York this Sunday at 11 pm. The band's official site says "KROQ", but they're just confused because the station goes by the name "K-Rock." Visit the station's website here.

Villa Records, in conjunction Johnny Bråttom Records, just put out an anti-war comp entitled "Support". The tracklisting:

01. José González - Heartbeats
02. Alarma man - Fuck you, you fucking fuck
03. Boy Omega - Come to my house
04. Sin närmiljö - Rudad
05. Björn Kleinhenz - A day and a night
06. Niccokick - I drink to get thrilled
07. Bremen Brotröster GmbH - Main theme from Mr Kaputt's birthday party
08. Songs from the empire - You are my sunshine
09. The book of Daniel - Soultraffic through friday
10. Kubot - Regnvals
11. I am Ferguson - Right hand pain
12. Music 77 - Snow white
13. Chelsea's corner
14. DJPJGJ - Gutt trumset
15. Quit your dayjob - Look! A dollar!
16. Dorotea - Let's give it a shot
17. Johan Norefalk - Never ends

View the cover art here.

In other Villa news, the label has said that the Boy Omega/The Book Of Daniel split 7" has been delayed, but they hope to have it by June. They will also be releasing a new CDr called "Blues for Papa Nyll" from The Appalachian Foothill Brothers, a new band featuring Gustafsson-brothers: Daniel from The Book Of Daniel and Martin from Boy Omega.

This week's roundup of new records from features releases from Carola, Colony 5, Crystal Blue and many more. They also have a focus piece on the new Lost Patrol record. (in Swedish)

Aftonbladet reports that Per Gessle (one half of Roxette) is planning on touring in support of his new solo album. Read more. (in Swedish)

Fireside, Brolle JR, The Mo, Florence Valentine, De Stijl and Elin Sigvardsson are now on the bill for Piteå Dansar Och Ler fest.

Even more bands added to Hultsfred: Timbuktu w/Damn!, Discharge, Junior Senior, Florence Valentin, Phunky Drakes, Soundclash: Topaz vs. Axxion Pack, Elin Sigvardsson and Johan Borgert.

And for the We & Yous fest we now have The Radio Dept., Dr. Higgins, José Gonzales, Sandy Mouche, Speedmarket Avenue, Ant, Gisel, Hospital, The Winston Solution, Adria, The Dannys Says and Homeland.

By way of comes word that the coming UCP box-set will be entitled "Career Opportunities 1986 - 1993". The webmaster over there also says he's gotten some new videos and photos recently and will be posting them online in the near future. I'll keep you informed.

Now streaming in mp4 format over at Black Box Recorder is Niko Skorpio's "Delta Amoeba" and "the SKORPIOns" EPs. The music is described as "the sonic experimentation and aesthetic of an underground noise album but somehow channels recent "electronica" without compromise. Imagine if trip-hop star Tricky gave up the reefer, moved to Finland, and got depressed and lost his mind... and you'll be on the right path." Sound intriguing, does it not?

Backyard Babies have confirmed that Joe Barresi will be the producer on their forthcoming album. Some of his previous credits include artists such as Sheryl Crow, Limp Bizkit, Monster Magnet, Kyuss, QOTSA, Hole and L7. Recording starts in Sweden in June with mixing to follow in LA.

Christian Kjellvander's new video for "Homeward Rolling Soldier" is now available for viewing: low / med / high