Artist: Kristofer Åström and Hidden Truck

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Poor young man's heart (mp3)
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MP3: Kristofer Åström and Hidden Truck - Poor young man's heart

Hard to believe that Kristofer Åström's debut solo album "Go, went, gone" is already eight years old. It's funny how the years just seem to slip away like that. It remains to be seen whether Kris will keep pushing on with Fireside - I suspect we have yet to hear the last of them - but we can rest assured knowing that his solo career will continue to be fruitful for many years to come. From his humble start as a mopey boy with his heart on his sleeve (as in today's mp3 pick), to his more recent and much darker and deeper work (see the "Black valley" EP), Kristofer Åström has firmly established himself as one of Sweden's most accomplished singer/songwriters. I know it's probably brutally hot everywhere else in the world today, but this somber song works nicely with the cool grey morning we've got going up here in the Pacific Northwest. Don't worry - it sounds just as good in the sunshine too.
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Kristofer Åström and Hidden Truck - Poor young man's heart