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Promises Promises - Your ways

"Your ways" is the forthcoming single from Göteborg-based indie act Promises Promises, due out June 4. Look for the band's Kristian Anttila-produced self-titled debut in August.

New music from National: Miss Li, The Baboon Show

has announced that they will be releasing new singles from both Miss Li and The Baboon Show on May 30. Miss Li's track is called "My heart goes boom" and comes off her upcoming album, due out in September along with extensive touring and so on. As for The Baboon Show, their tune is called "Dancehall Killers" and is the first taste of the band's next album which is coming this fall. Hear more new stuff (Little Marbles, Kristian Anttila) from at SoundCloud:

Stockholm Boat Sessions: Kristian Anntila

Check out Swedish singer/songwriter Kristian Anttila doing his thing for Stockholm Boat Sessions.

Kristian Anttila - Sång för trolösa

Kristian Anttila is giving away a Christmas tune he wrote as a free download: (look under "Julklapp till er alla: Kristians jullåt som mp3:a")

Musik med Kristian Anttila

Kristian Anttila plays live for PSL for the third time:

Kristian Antilla - Magdalena (livet före döden) (official video)

Here's the official video for the new Kristian Anttila single "Magdalena (livet före döden)", but be forewarned that's it's hosted via Vevo and may be blocked where you live:

This week's top 20 Swedish album chart

This week's top 20 Swedish album chart:

01. Larz-Kristerz - Små ord av guld
02. Robyn - Body talk pt.2
03. Caroline af Ugglas - Vad var det jag sa
04. Streaplers - Jubileums show - Live på Liseberg
05. Säkert! - Facit
06. Robyn - Body talk pt.1
07. Magnus Carlsson - Pop galaxy
08. Oskar Linnros - Vilja bli
09. Kent - En plats i solen
10. Kristian Anttila - Svenska tjejer
11. Pernilla Andersson - Ö
12. Melissa Horn - Säg ingenting till mig
13. Ola - Ola
14. Anne-Lie Rydé - Dans på rosor
15. Darin - Lovekiller
16. Drifters - Stanna hos mig
17. Carl Johan Vallgren - Nattbok
18. Takida - The darker instinct - Platinum edition
19. Lisa Nilsson - 20 - En jubileumssamling
20. Johnossi - Mavericks

Petter Seander - Silver spoon (video)

Check out the video for the new single "Silver spoon" from Swedish artist Petter Seander (Sleeping Beauty, Kristian Anttila):

Kristian Antilla & Sylvia Vrethammar - Magdalena (livet före döden) (video)

This is the new Kristian Anttila single, a duet with famed jazz vocalist Sylvia Vrethammar. Kinda mellow/easy-listening, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Direct link:

New Kristian Anttila single next week (redux)

The new Kristian Anttila single "Magdalena (livet före döden)", the 2nd off his forthcoming record, will be released on August 23.

Kristian Anttila - Världens snuskigaste man (video)

was kind enough to send over an internationally-viewable link for the new Kristian Anttila video "Världens snuskigaste man":

Världens smartaste man

I'd post a link to Kristian Anttila's new video for "Världens snuskigaste man", but those geniuses decided to impose copyright blocking based on location, so fuck 'em.

New Kristian Anttila single next week

Kristian Anttila will release the new single "Världens snuskigaste man" on April 28, the first taste of his forthcoming album due out this fall.

Petter Seander - Through the storm (video)

Check out the video for Petter Seander's debut solo single "Through the storm":
Petter is a member of Kristian Anttila's backing band and is also one-half of the songwriting team behind Sleeping Beauty.

Petter Seander to release solo album in March

Petter Seander (Kristian Anttila, Sleeping Beauty) will release his debut solo album "The denial of me, myself & I" on March 3. More info: