Artist: Kid Down

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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The winners of this year's Rockbjörnen:

Female artist: Sonja Aldén
Group: Sahara Hotnights
Newcomer: Måns Zelmerlöw
Male artist: Lars Winnerbäck
Live act: The Ark
Song: Lars Winnerbäck – Om du lämnar mig nu
Album: Kent – Tillbaka till samtiden
Myspace prize: Kid Down

Swedish emo-rockers Kid Down will be releasing a new digital EP for their new single "Red lights" featuring three acoustic versions of album tracks plus one exclusive new tune entitled "Good shituations". Read more:

The Harmacy decries the current state of Burning Heart and their latest release by recent signees Kid Down:
Personally, I think Moneybrother ("that annoying Swedish Joe Strummer dude") is fine, but it's 100% true: the label is suffering. This sad trend-chasing is a sure sign of a label in its death-throes. They got too big too quickly and too desperate to keep it up when they should've probably chalked it all up to good luck and kept living modestly.

The video for the Kid Down single "Pretty teeth" is up on myspace:

Burning Heart/Epitaph have announced the signing of Swedish rock act Kid Down and will be releasing their debut album "...And the noble art of irony" in March. Listen to samples here:

Swedish hardcore label The Emo Foundation will be releasing a comp in September featuring the following bands:

01. Chemical Vocation
02. The View Between
03. Kid Down
04. When We Fall
05. Last Summer
06. The Farewell Party
07. Summerdyingfast
08. Promise Divine
09. Fare you Well
10. Early to Bed

More details soon. Despite the reasonably decent lineup, I still can't help but shudder everytime I see that label's name.