MP3: Kari Harneshaug - Capturing the moments of youth

There's a lot to like about Kari Harneshaug, but I especially love the long, slow burn of a song like "Capturing the moments of youth". It takes awhile to get going, but that's exactly the point -- the payoff wouldn't be nearly as good if the lead-up wasn't so drawn out. Also: excellent use of the guitar/drums/vocals trio format. It actually took me a few listens before I noticed the lack of bass (that, or maybe I've been living in Olympia too long). Not that band suffers for it, in fact, I'd say the extra spaciousness afforded by the lack of low-end allows for far more creative opportunities. They rise to the occasion quite nicely.

Kari Harneshaug - Capturing the moments of youth

Kari Harneshaug joins the Dayladore Collective

Norwegian artist Kari Harneshaug has joined the and will be releasing her debut album "Early morning memories" on March 2. Lead single "Don't walk upon my ground" is out now and should appeal to anyone into PJ Harvey and the like.