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Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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New Nicolai Dunger album in late August

Nicolai Dunger has confirmed that he will be releasing the new album "Ballad of this Land" on August 31. Said album was recorded with producers Jari Haapalainen and Nille Perned and is said to be inspired by his recent trip to Ireland and work of Irish Traveller/folksinger Tommy Daron.

Kajsa Grytt coming to IAT Clubnights in July

Now confirmed for It's a Trap! Clubnights in July: Kajsa Grytt! Hopefully you are already aware of her legacy, from her more recent solo career to her time with pioneering (post-)punk act Tant Strul and beyond, but if not, she's got a new album (produced by Jari Haapalainen) and autobiography (!) on the way -- learn more here/hear some sample tunes:

Sahara Hotnights - Oh's (teaser)

A quick teaser of the new Sahara Hotnights single "Oh's", produced by Jari Haapalainen (The Bear Quartet, Laakso, etc.).

Kajsa Grytt prepares new album, autobiography

Swedish icon Kajsa Grytt will be releasing a new album and autobiography in April, both under the title "En kvinna under påverkan". The album was produced by Jari Haapalainen and will be released on April 13, the book does not yet have a 100% confirmed date.

New Haapalainen-produced Rebecka Törnqvist album in late Feb

Rebecka Törnqvist's new Jari Haapalainen-produced album "Scorpions" has been confirmed for release on February 23.

The Loveable Tulips - Fortune favours the brave (video)

Here's what I know: The Lovable Tulips are two ladies from Stockholm who recorded some tunes with Mr. Jari Haapalainen of The Bear Quartet. They made a video for one of those tunes and you can see it above. I dig it! Hear more at myspace:
Direct link:

Haapalainen + Dunger + Ågren = Vowles

The Bear Quartet guitarist Jari Haapalainen, singer/songwriter Nicolai Dunger and drummer extraordinaire Morgan Ågren (Mats/Morgan Band, Fredrik Thorendal, etc.) have joined forces in a new fusion project called Vowles and they will be making their live debut on September 9 at Fasching in Stockholm. Entry includes a copy of the group's single "o i a å" and I have no idea what it sounds like, but I intend to find out.

Marching Band to record with Jari Haapalainen

Swedish indie act Marching Band have secured the production talents of Jari Haapalainen (Camera Obscura, The Concretes, The Bear Quartet, etc.) for their next album which they'll be recording this winter.

Jari Haapalainen to produce Club 8

Club 8 has announced that they have hired The Bear Quartet's Jari Haapalainen to produce their next album, the first time the band has worked with an outside producer. Jari of course is very well-known for his production skills nowadays, having worked with artists such as The Concretes, Camera Obscura and Laakso.

New [ingenting] album coming on September 9

The new [ingenting] album "Tomhet, idel tomhet", their third overall, will be released on September 9 via Labrador Records. The Bear Quartet's Jari Haapalainen produced and the first single "Halleluja!" is already out to radio. Full tracklist and details at myspace:

Lacrosse - I see a brightness

Tapete Records is offering the new Lacrosse track "I see a brightness" as a free download:
The band's new Jari Haapalainen-produced album "Bandages for the heart" comes out May 2.

New Moneybrother = Real control

The new Moneybrother album "Real control" will be released on April 15 via Hacka Skivindustri and you can now hear the first single "Born under a bad sign" at myspace:
Various songs on the album were produced by Jari Haapalainen, Björn Yttling and Christoffer Roth and besides a few of his usual backing musicians, members of The Hives and Randy lent a hand as well.

New Lacrosse album in May

Swedish indiepop act Lacrosse have confirmed that their new Jari Haapalainen-produced album "Bandages for the heart" will be released on May 1. Listen to a few preview clips at myspace:
Says Jari about the record: "Lacrosse's music sounds as if it's being performed by children, but written for adults who stumble their way through life."

MP3: Park Hotell - Black hole

This isn't brand new by any stretch, but Park Hotell is well worth revisiting in this era of 24h attention spans. "Free for friends" made a couple of our year-end top 10 lists and yet the band doesn't garner nearly as much attention as they deserve. I expect that for my more esoteric/underground picks, but for an indiepop band? I'm surprised and yes, a little disappointed. "Black hole" would make for a great second single, should they get the opportunity. Taxi, Taxi's excellent backing vocals elevate the chorus to a majestic level and the clever interplay between all the melody lines shines on repeated listens. Factor in Jari Haapalainen's stiff, but muscular drumming and you've got gold. Now as to why these guys didn't catch on with more people I can only speculate... Luleå outsider status? Lack of a promo budget? Not young enough? It's a pity. Let some light in, why doncha?

Oh, and for folks who are looking to buy a copy of said CD, I still have copies available: [click here]

Park Hotell - Black hole

Lacrosse to record with Jari

Swedish act Lacrosse will be recording a new album with producer Jari Haapalainen (The Bear Quartet) this month. Expect an April release.