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Ingrid signs Kriget, Woodlands

All-star Swedish label collective will release new albums from both Kriget and Woodlands this fall:
Kriget, as mentioned before, is the instrumental act of Per Nordmark (Fireside, Britta Persson, etc.), Crille Roth (Monster, Hets) and Gustav Bendt (Moneybrother, Club Killers). Woodlands, on the other hand, features Sara Wilson (First Floor Power), Niklas Korssell (Tutankamon, The Plan) and Marcus Holmberg (Komeda).

Kriget post album for free

Drums, bass and sax = Kriget, a new combo featuring Per Nordmark (Fireside, Britta Persson, etc.), Crille Roth (Monster, Hets) and Gustav Bendt (Moneybrother, Club Killers) respectively. Download the band's debut record "What a day" for free/donation:

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Interview: Britta Persson

Listmania! 2007 so far

Check out Ny Regim, a new all-star punk band ala Hets that's actually pretty damn ragin':
This is a trend I can get behind.

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Live @ Debaser, Stockholm, 04/22/06

Hets are something of a Swedish indie "supergroup", with members from Laakso, Doktor Kosmos, Fireside and Moneybrother. With those bands in mind, you don't really expect Hets to play Swedish punk sung in Swedish, but that's exactly what they do. Everyone seems to mention Mattias Alkberg BD when they talk about Hets and I can see why, since Hets do sound like MABD (although I don't think MABD should be the only people allowed to make punk music sung in their native language). Living in London, it's not every day I get to witness a concert like this, so perhaps I'm overreacting slightly, but I really enjoyed this show and I think I will now look into getting my hands on Hets' album (I assume and hope that the punk ethos is reflected in the price of their CD).
- Simon Tagestam

MTVe is streaming Hets' self-titled debut album:

Etikett: Hets/V2

If I had a dime for every time a new Swedish super-group forms, well, I'd had a lot of dimes, but this just goes to show the cooperative nature of Swedish musicians that wants to make them work together. Markus Krunegård has proven himself to be quite a songsmith with Laakso, and he continues the trend here, but with an vastly different sound. Hets are a different breed, drawing elements from the Ramones, Black Flag and Gorilla Biscuits. The music and raw and very uptempo and the vocal lines squeal in their hugging-the-mic delivery. The ballads on the album soften the feel, but the fast tracks such as"Napalm på Östermalm", "Trist javisst" and "Ulf" is where the band shines. A solid debut record where each member brings their best.
- Matt Giordano

The website for Swedish supergroup Hets is now open:
As mentioned before, the band features Markus Krunegård (Laakso), Per Nordmark (Fireside), Henrik Svensson (Moneybrother) and Christoffer Roth (Monster).

New Swedish supergroup Hets will make their live debut at Popaganda this year. The band features Markus Krunegård (Laakso), Per Normark (Fireside), Henrik Svensson (Moneybrother) and Christoffer Roth (Monster) and you can hear some samples at myspace:
Look for the band's debut album "Etikett: HETS" on March 29.