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Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Lounge / Seek & destroy (mp3)
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Hellsongs - Stand up and shout (RIP Dio)

Hellsongs pay tribute to metal legend Ronnie James Dio on the 1-year anniversary of his death. RIP.

End of the road for Hellsongs

Hellsongs is calling it quits following the stroke suffered by lead singer Siri Bergnèhr, but they will be doing one last show on March 11 in their hometown of Göteborg together with the Göteborgs Symfoniker. Read more:

Hellsongs - Heaven can wait (video)

Hellsongs are pure schtick and I can't fully back them, but I do enjoy a good number of their well-chosen covers. This Iron Maiden tune translates to their style amazingly well and I think I may also like their new vocalist better than the original. If I believed in guilty pleasures this would surely qualify, but there's no shame in having a little fun. Direct link:

Hellsongs - School's out

The new Hellsongs single "School's out", as posted about yesterday, is now streaming at myspace:

New Hellsongs album in August

Swedish lounge-metal act Hellsongs will be releasing the new album "Minor misdemeanors" on August 27. Their version of Alice Cooper's "School's out" will be the lead single and other acts covered this time out include Pantera, Skid Row and Slayer.

Hellsongs Baltic tour

Hellsongs are heading to the Baltics in June:

06/10 - Nabaklab, Riga (LAT)
06/11 - Svyturio menu dokas, Kiwi Club, Klaipeda (LIT)
06/12 - Fontaine Palace, Liepaja (LAT)

Despotz lines up Pintandwefall releases, aims to bring Hellsongs to N. America

Following up on the news that Despotz Records signed Pintandwefall, the label has confirmed they will be releasing the "Hero sounds" EP as a digital release in Sweden, Denmark and France in November with the full-length "Hong Kong, baby" to follow in March 2010. In other label news, Despotz will be working with Minty Fresh Records in America and Aporia Records in Canada to release Swedish lounge-rockers Hellsongs and their album "Hymns in the key of 666". Expect that one to come out in February 2010.

Hellsongs post new EP for preview

Swedish lounge-metal act Hellsongs are streaming their new 5-song EP "Pieces of Heaven, a glimpse of Hell" at myspace:
I am loathe to admit it, but their cover of "War pigs" is excellent. For a song that's been substantially played out, they did it justice. The official release date is September 23, should be wanting to purchase the digital version.

Hellsongs to embark on 'Pieces of Heaven, a glimpse of metal' tour

Swedish lounge-metallers Hellsongs will be heading out on tour in September in support of their new 5-track EP, "Pieces of Heaven, a glimpse of Hell ". Dates so far:

09/23 - Faust - 60er Jahre Halle, Hannover
09/24 - Bibelot, Dordrecht
09/25 - Perron 55, Venlo
09/26 - Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg
09/28 - FZW/Freizeitzentrum West, Dortmund
09/29 - Die Stadtmitte, Karlsruhe
10/01 - Universum, Stuttgart
10/03 - Haus der Musik, Wien
10/04 - PPC, Graz
10/06 - Posthalle, Wurzburg
10/07 - Hirsch, Nurnberg
10/08 - Ampere Club, Munchen
10/09 - Nachtleben, Frankfurt
10/10 - Glanz und Gloria, Osnabruck
10/11 - Magnet, Berlin

Hellsongs loses singer, gains another

Lead vocalist Harriet Ohlsson has parted ways with Swedish lounge-metal act Hellsongs and longtime backup vocalist Siri Bergnéhr will be taking her place.

Hellsongs - 10,000 lovers

Listen to Swedish lounge-rockers Hellsongs cover "10,000 lovers" by TNT:

Hellsongs - Run to the hills (video)

Check out Hellsongs' brand new video for their cover of Iron Maiden's "Run to the hills":

Hellsongs have decided to start a tour blog:

Updated tourdates for Swedish lounge-metal act Hellsongs:

09/22 - Le Reservoir, Paris (FRA)
10/10 - Schuhfabrik, Ahlen (GER)
10/11 - Café Central, Weinheim (GER)
10/12 - Werkstatt, Köln (GER)
10/13 - Universum, Stuttgart (GER)
10/14 - Mascotte, Zurich (CH)
10/15 - 59:1, Munchen (GER)
10/16 - B 72, Wien (AUS)
10/17 - Musikkantine, Augsburg (GER)
11/18 - Maschinenhaus, Berlin (GER)
11/19 - Uebel & Gefaehrlich, Hamburg (GER)
11/20 - Bärenzwinger, Dresden (GER)
11/21 - Trafostation, Viersen (GER)
11/22 - Rosenhof, Osnabruck (GER)

Antenna interviews Kalle Karlsson of Swedish "lounge metal" act Hellsongs: