Artist: Hari and Aino

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: A considerate kind of home b/w Maple 7" / Finland (mp3) / s/t
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Hari and Aino - A considerate kind of home b/w Maple 7Hari and Aino
A considerate kind of home b/w Maple 7"
Cloudberry Records


The band's self-titled full-length was just okay, but give me two all-star tracks with zero filler and you'll hear no complaints whatsoever. Once again, Hari and Aino play the kind of professional upbeat indiepop you should be familiar with from The Cardigans' early records, but never too sweet or cloying, nor too cute for its own good. What's left is what's most important; the strong, yet understated female vocals, the super-crisp rhythm section and the kind of guitar playing that perfectly suits each part, always with just the right amount of notes and not one iota more. The band's sole misstep is the keyboards on the flip, my pick for the single's best track and a totally unnecessary addition for an already effective arrangement. Beyond that, this is exactly the kind of pop I like to hear from a label like Cloudberry.
- Avi Roig

Hari and Aino on tour

Swedish indiepop act Hari and Aino on tour:

02/06 - Twee: a tiny spring, Gouda (NL)
02/07 - The Autumn Store, Birmingham (UK)
02/08 - Indiepop Sunday, Brighton (UK)
02/09 - Queen Charlotte, Norwich (UK)
02/10 - Loose, Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, Wales (UK) w/Rose Elinor Dougall
02/12 - Lost Music Presents, London (UK)
02/13 - Twee as fuck, London (UK)
02/14 - Popklubb, Newcastle (UK)

Cloudberry Records has announced that they'll be doing a 7" with Swedish indiepop act Hari and Aino in the near future. Preview here:

MP3: Hari and Aino - Finland

Therese is spot-on in her assessment of Hari and Aino. Comparisons to early Cardigans are unavoidable as they both feature a female-fronted lineup with a similar sweet, cocktail party pop sound and easy-going vibe, though I do disagree about the best song -- "Finland" wins it for me with it's light disco feel and subtle rhythmic intricacy. However, we both agree it's a bit on the restrained side. I understand they're after a very clean, refined sound, but I don't think a little extra excitement would get in the way. As is, it's perfectly pleasant and undemanding. The Cardigans always took more chances, still do in fact. As nice as this is, nice doesn't win.

Hari and Aino - Finland

Hari and Aino - s/tHari and Aino
Plastilina Records


To me, Andrea Dahlkild, lead vocals in Hari and Aino, is a blend between Duffy, Maja Ivarsson and Nina Persson. She is edgy in a sophisticated & balanced way. I ain't eager to go to one of their shows since I don't think that will be needed to change my impression. The Cardigans are not a secretly professional band, but it sometimes falls flat; Hari and Aino reminds me of that. You know when there is a possibility to listen too much of something effecting in sickness to your ears. The album withholds 10 songs, a perfect number! This is sweet indie pop, not cocky, political, heartbreaking songs; no, we are talking about a hint of shyness and pulsating sympathetic music that are feeding your hungry music veins. Finland apparently has a big influence on them (see "Finland") and I really have to ask them why; going on talking about their other songs, I must say that "Seasons" is causing good vibrations and is unquestionably their best hit. Also, I recommend "Your heartache and mine". This Stockholm based band has very good potential, I just want them get wild here and there, to surprise. I wish them my best and think y'all out there should give this little twee beautiful album a listen.
- Therese Buxfäldt

Florida-based 3" CDR indiepop label Cloudberry Records has announced new releases for October including stuff from Swedish act Log Lady Train, Norway's The April Skies plus a fanzine/2CD comp entitled "The star has wept red rose" featuring tracks from Stars in Coma, Hari and Aino and more. More info: