Artist: Grapefruit and Bodybuilding

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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Canarie Records, home of Grapefruit and Bodybuilding, Cyndee LeeHulko, Kirsten Bride and more, now have a proper website online:

The people behind Swedish indie electronic act Slagsmålsklubben has started a new label Djur and Mir Records and kicked things off by signing themselves and friends 50 Hertz. Their first release will be a comp entitled "Yesterdjur, yestermir, yesterday" featuring what they describe as a "a youthful bunch of tracks made by the new generation of Swedish kids." They continue: "If you feel that you are locked behind a mainstream-door and curious about what is happening in basements and practicing rooms in the electro-pop parts of Sweden, then this is the key to your new lifestyle." A number of the acts set to appear on the disc include Grapefruit and Bodybuilding, Gäddan och Braxen, Häxor och Porr and a number of others who are appearing at this year's Emmaboda Festival. There will be two release parties as well, one in Malmö on July 22 and one in Stockholm the very next day. Both 50 Hertz and SMK will perform. Download a clip from the comp here:
Check out a poster for the shows here:

Grapefruit and Bodybuilding
Grapefruit and innocense

Now this is interesting. Instrumental (sometimes) craziness with Nintendo-like melodies (sometimes) and complicated song structure (sometimes) and a lot of all indie rock sorts. From Post-Punk to Kraut rock and everything since then they cover a lot of ground. Does it all make sense? Probably not, but who really cares? It rocks!
- Simon Thibaudeau