Artist: Godrun

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Demo
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Swedish trio Godrun are billing themselves as sort of a "garage-folk" outfit, which fits since they're doing a noisy, garage-y thing on the one hand, but drawing on traditional, fiddle-heavy sounds on the other. This 3-song demo shows promise, but it didn't bowl me over. On "Happy people", the sound is tinny and the vocalist sounds like he's got a cat scratching its claws down his back while he sings. And repeating a bland lyric like "I can't believe you're here tonight/I have been waiting all my life" over and over doesn't strike me as an inspired idea. "OK" is a bit better, because the arrangement is just weird enough to be kind of interesting and the rhythm is more engaging. "Arkadien" is an instrumental, with fiddles dominating the arrangement and the rhythm being perfect for Swedish folk dancing. A full-length from these guys (one or two of whom used to be in Boot) could be interesting, but boys, turn up the bass, hire a producer and lock up that cat.
- Kevin Renick

Swedish folk/electronic-rock act Godrun has posted two new live tracks at their website: