Artist: Friday Bridge

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Intricacy
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New arrivals in ye' mailorder, now in-stock and ready to ship:

Torpedo - In the assembly line
Friday Bridge - Intricacy

International music blog Fat Planet on Swedish act Friday Bridge:

Friday Bridge will tour Sweden at the end of the month with European dates to follow early next year. Dates announced so far:

This Year's Model (ft. members of Higher Elevations and Friday Bridge) will do a few German dates at the end of the month in support of their new record "The clock strikes one":

08/29 - Frau Hedi, Hamburg
08/31 - Roter Salon, Berlin
09/01 - Schaubude, Kiel

Belgian blog Pop'n'Cherries talks to Friday Bridge/This Year's Model: (beware of autoplay music) interviews Swedish artist Ylva from Friday Bridge:
Check elsewhere on the site for a review of her new record "Intricacy" as well as This Year's Model, Ylva's sideproject with Niklas Gustafsson of The Higher Elevations.

The new Friday Bridge album "Intricacy" has been confirmed for a May 23 release via But is it Art? Download the track "Love and nostalgia":

Friday Bridge just put out a split 7" with American artist Kelly Slusher via the label Surreal Ceremonies. The featured track "The end of the affair" is an alternative version of the song that will be also be appearing on the upcoming album. Listen to a clip:

But is it Art? has announced the signing of indiepop act Friday Bridge and will be releasing a full-length album with the label in the near future.

Download the track "It girl" from Friday Bridge:
The song comes from their split record with Le Sport on Volupté Records. The new minialbum "Friday Bridge 2" will be out soon on Bedroom Records.

Italian indiepop website (duh) interviews hte four Swedish acts The Hartmans, Andypandy, Eisenhower and Friday Bridge: (via)