Artist: First Love, Last Rites

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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First Love, Last Rites - Charlot (trailer)

has announced that the new First Love, Last Rites single "Charlot" will be released on November 12.

First Love, Last Rites - Walk you home

Solid new indierock from Umeň courtesy of First Love, Last Rites and . "Walk you home" is the first single from the band's upcoming sophomore album.

New First Love, Last Rites single confirmed

The new First Love, Last Rites single "Walk you home" is confirmed for release on March 5.

New stuff from First Love, Last Rites in March

Umeň indierockers First Love, Last Rites are currently mixing their new record and will be releasing the first single in March.

Nomethod vol. 2

will be releasing a new label sampler on July 4 as their 50th release:
Aside from label mainstays such as Robert Svensson and First Love, Last Rites, the comp will also feature new and unreleased material from Simian Ghost, Tennis Bafra, Wild Invalid and Light Vibes.

Quarterly report: Q12011

Quarterly report: Q12011

MP3: First Love, Last Rites - Always too late

mRa called it. Both that First Love, Last Rites made a killer, time-out-of-place indie record and also that opening cut "Always too late" is a stellar example of such. Like he says, great refrain, great emotional content. I concur completely. Love the false ending too. And yes, the kids are most definitely blowing it. Was just having a conversation with folks a few days ago about Swedish indiepop and they seemed shocked when I asserted that the scene is tiny despite the presence of many world-class bands. Are teenagers still forming bands 'round this stuff or are they just plugging away at their laptops, vying for a space on Altered Zones? If they are, I'm not hearing it. Prove me wrong, I welcome it.

First Love, Last Rites - Always too late

First Love, Last Rites - s/tFirst Love, Last Rites

I've been waiting for a band like this from Umeň for a long time. Seems like good indie bands were all over the place in Norrland about 15 years ago and then just disappeared. I like the emotional content here, the refrain for the first song, "Always too late", is sooo good. I knew they were gonna do something good after "Slow wind", I was surprised they were so quick to get an album out. Sundsvallstidsningen thought the record sounds like it's out of phase. I thought that was really funny. There was a lot of moments like that in the music press around the indie wave of the 90s. Some Lundell-nut at DN had to review the first Brick record and struggled to reference Sebadoh, and then struggled to reference 'country' when he has to review the new Sebadoh. As a teenage indie-geekasaurus, there was the sense that the adults were blowing it. Now the kids are blowing it instead. Anyway this is a brilliant pop-record which has a lot of great great moments, my particular faves being the opening track, "Slow wind" and the title track, a moody instrumental that builds. And no, the record is not out of phase. In fact, it sounds perfect.
- Mathias Rask-Andersen

First Love, Last Rites going global

First Love, Last Rites's self-titled debut is getting a wider release in France, Japan and the UK on March 1 via , and / respectively. Releases in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the US will be coming soon as well.

It's a Trap! Clubnights spring update

Thanks to everyone who came out to this weekend's It's a Trap! Clubnight at Debaser Malm÷ for once again making it a success! The more people that come out, the more we're able to keep bringing you killer shows, like these ones we just confirmed:

03/30 - Syket + First Love, Last Rites
05/28 - Paper

And of course, the previously confirmed Pascal/Sad Day for Puppets show on April 9. See you there?

First Love, Last Rites - I'm gone (video)

The brand new video from Umeň-based indierockers First Love, Last Rites. Download the mp3 here, preview/purchase the band's self-titled debut here.

Presenting: Brother/Sister Booking Agency

Mr. Jonas Appelqvist, our esteemed IAT! colleague and the booker of our Malm÷ clubnight, has launched a new booking agency with his partner Sofia Qvarnstr÷m called Brother/Sister. Their initial roster, only some of Sweden's finest up-and-coming indie acts: Simian Ghost, Leaders Off, I'm Kingfisher, In These Woods, First Love, Last Rites, NAVET and We Are the Storm. Hit up their website for more info:

Nomethod top 10 + new single from First Love, Last Rites

lists their top album picks for the year and also gives you the new First Love, Last Rites single "I'm gone" as a free download:

Nomethod December single preview

has posted sample tunes from their two new singles coming out this month, "I'm gone" from First Love, Last Rites and "Bear" by In These Woods:

First Love, Last Rites album details

has confirmed that First Love, Last Rites' self-titled debut will be released on January 5 and will be available on 12" vinyl or as a paid download. The LP of course, comes with a download code. Cover and tracklist: