Artist: Fields of Grain

Country: Sweden
Genre: Hip-hop/Soul/Skweee
Reviews: Make (mp3)
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MP3: Fields of Grain - Make

Fields of Grain are a Swedish duo who bill themselves as "alternative electric soul music" which of course sounds positively horrendous, but the description fits and the music is actually pretty good. Normally I avoid any act that refers to themselves as "funky" (another word from their one-sheet) like the plague, but since I really do try and listen to at least a bit of every disc/record/mp3 that gets sent my way, I gave them a chance and found myself pleasantly surprised. Not only are they dark and moody in all the right ways, they are also nicely subdued and far, far closer to the ambient side of electronica than any sort of beat-you-over-the-head style I'd expect from the above descriptors. Think more Portishead, not Prince. While they are still not the sort of group I would ever seek out on my own, I am most certainly impressed.

Fields of Grain - Make