Artist: Embee

Country: Sweden
Genre: Hip-hop/Soul/Skweee
Reviews: Upside down (mp3)
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Nöjesguiden top 20 Swedish albums for 2010

Nöjesguiden's top 20 Swedish albums of 2010:

01. Robyn - Body talk, part 2
02. Håkan Hellström - 2 steg från paradise
03. The Radio Dept. - Clinging to a scheme
04. Oskar Linnros - Vilja bli
05. The Bear Quartet - Monty Python
06. This is Head - 0001
07. Robyn - Body talk, part 1
08. Säkert! - Facit
09. Ludwig Bell - Jag har försökt förklara
10. Daniel Adams-Ray - Svart, vitt och allt däremellan
11. Britta Persson - Current affair medium rare
12. Moto Boy - Lost in the call
13. The Concretes - WYWH
14. Joel Alme - Waiting For the Bells
15. Tove Styrke - Tove Styrke
16. Andreas Söderlund - Daustralien
17. Orup - Född i November
18. Embee - The mellow turning moment
19. Various Artists - Sonja Åkesson tolkad av
20. Bandjo - Bandjo


Skuggpoeten - En kväll i maj

Download a free track from Skuggpoeten, the collaboration between Embee, Esmeralda Moberg and Roger Bergkvist:

Embee + Esmeralda = Skuggpoeten

Embee (Looptroop Rockers) has started a new project called Skuggpoeten together with singer/composer Esmeralda Moberg featuring texts from his father, writer/psychologist/psychotherapist Roger Bergkvist. Hear samples at myspace:
Look for the album to be released on November 10 via Looptroop's own label.

MP3: Embee - Upside down

From "The mellow turning moment", aka Embee makes an album of boring r&b that, despite the presence of many high quality guest vocalists such as Maia Hirasawa, absolutely cannot be saved. This is about as good as it gets and it's still not very good. File under: sleep aids.

Direct link to video:

Embee - Upside down (feat. Maia Hirasawa)

Uniforms for the Dedicated to release new single feat. Adiam Dymott

Swedish fashion/art/film/music group Uniforms for the Dedicated are releasing a new single (and collection) called "1020 Trickery Lane" featuring guest vocals from Adiam Dymott and b-side remixes from Marcus Enochson and Embee. Official release is set for early May, find out more here:

Musik med Embee, Maia Hirasawa, Pascal

Live music with Embee and Maia Hirasawa at PSL:
And another clip with Pascal here:

Embee - A day at a time

Go here to download the new Embee single "A day at a time" (feat. Daniel Lemma):
The new album "The mellow turning moment" is now set for release on February 24 via /.

Embee confirms new solo album, single

Swedish rapper Embee (Looptroop Rockers) has announced that his second solo album "The mellow turning moment" will be released on February 3, 2010 via Bad Taste Records and Looptroop's own label DVSG. The first single "A day at a time" (feat. Daniel Lemma) will be out later this month and other guests on the album include Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide/Säkert!), Maia Hirasawa, Nikola Sarcevic (Millencolin), Nina Ramsby, Mariam Wallentin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums), Håkan Svensson (Nationalteatern) and Fabian Kallerdahl (Music Music Music).

Promoe - Bondfångeri mixtape

Promoe's brand new mixtape "Bondfångeri" is being given away as a free download:
Guests include his Looptroop Rockers collaborators Embee, Cosmic and Supreme as well as Timbuktu, Afasi and more.

Embee - Desire to be free (feat. Nina Ramsby) (video)

Check out the video for the new Embee single "Desire to be free" (feat. Nina Ramsby):

Embee - Desire to be free (feat. Nina Ramsby)

Embee's new single "Desire to be free" (feat. Nina Ramsby) is now available as a free download:

I heard a bit about this from Embee while at Way Out West, but now it's public: JuJu and David vs. Goliath are sending Timbuktu + Damn!, Looptroop, Chords and more on an all-star Swedish hip-hop tour of the US kicking off in LA on August 29. Check out the JuJu site for a flyer:

Viva Revolución has posted their new single "No drugs, no guns" for listening in their website jukebox:
The track features guest vocals from Jaqee as well as scratching by Embee (Looptroop).

DNM (Dealers of Nordic Music) has signed Embee from Looptroop and will be giving his album "Tellings from Solitaria" an international release. The first single is an obvious choice: "Send someone away" featuring a guest appearance by José González. It will be released on 12" on August 28 with the full-length hitting iTunes even earlier on August 14. Listen to a preview: [click here]

Embee from Looptroop has a brand new mixtape called "Mash hits" that just came out and you can hear snippets here:
To buy the disc, hit up Looptroop's online shop: