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Presenting: Korova Station

Swedish noiserockers Korova Station (ex-Ellis the Vacuumchild, U.D.D.U.P., etc.) are streaming a whole bunch of new demo tracks at myspace:
If you dig heavy Swedish noiserock like I do, you'll be way into this. Recommended!

This week's top 20 Swedish album chart:

01. Håkan Hellström - Nåt gammalt, nåt nytt, nåt lånat, nåt blått
02. Björn Skifs - Decennier sånger från en annan tid
03. Agnes - Agnes
04. Laleh - Laleh
05. Son of a Plumber - Son of a Plumber
06. Thåström - Skebokvarnsv 209
07. Lena Philipsson - Jag ångrar ingenting
08. Monica Zetterlund - Z - det bästa med monica zetterlund
09. Björn Afzelius - Björn Afzelius bästa
10. The Cardigans - Super Extra Gravity
11. Robyn - Robyn
12. Amy Diamond - This Is Me Now
13. Bodies Without Organs - Prototype
14. Sophie Zelmani - A decade of dreams 1995-2005
15. Nanne - Alltid på väg
16. Darin - Darin
17. Sven-Ingvars - Livet är nu - 50 år det bästa med sven-ingvars
18. Emilia De Poret - A lifetime in a moment
19. Peps Blodsband - Äntligen!
20. Eva Dahlgren - Snö

Decoy Music counts down the top 50 instrumental releases of 2005 with Norway's Samuel Jackson Five claiming the #1 spot:
Other Scandinavians in the list include The Low Frequency in Stereo (#37), Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson (#36), Ellis the Vacuumchild (#17), Sigur Ros (#8) and September Malevolence (#4).

Top 10s for 2005: Roger Olsson (The Grand Opening)

Top 10s for 2005: Magnus Öberg (Chalksounds/Nomethod)

Check out an article from DecoyMusic on the Swedish post-rock/instrumental scene including the acts September Malevolence, Scraps of Tape, Ef, Ellis the Vacuumchild and Once We Were:

Swedish instrumental rockers Ellis the Vacuumchild will be recording a couple new songs for a 7" on Jezebel Recordings. They plan to do include a version of "Summershitty thongs/songs" with Ed Greene on vocals and the new track "Bauer kraut".

Some drum machine fun with Ellis the Vacuumchild:

Ellis the Vacuumchild's debut album "Peace by extermination" is now out in Japan via Linus Records. Of course, you can always order it through IAT as well.

Ellis the Vacuumchild
Peace by extermination

This goes absolutely all over the place, and I love it! Seriously, we need more instrumental indie-rock records like this. The influences of EtVC are numerous but let's just mention the ones that stick out: early Stereolab, Sonic Youth, GBV and Mogwai. Combine that is one happy melting pot and you'll have a nice idea of what they are all about. If it were not for terribly recorded drums this album would have been a joy to listen to, but this little detail makes it alright but a bit annoying. Still very interesting.
- Simon Thibaudeau

Streaming Playlist: Now playing

It's Chalksounds day here at It's a trap! Not only did I get a new shipment of new CDs from them for the mailorder department (including the new Ellis the Vacuumchild CD and restocks of The End Will Be Kicks and Carpet People), but I also got a new mp3 from Convoj. The debut EP from these guys is absolutely guaranteed to blow people away, it's just so good. They continue the fine Swedish indierock tradition pioneered by the likes of Bear Quartet, but with a rejuvenated sense of determination and vigor. Crashing guitars, impassioned vocals and chiming, twisting melodies - all the necessary ingredients required to achieve greatness are here. I've been listening to it non-stop ever since I got it. An instant classic.

Ellis the Vacuumchild will be throwing a release party for their new album "Peace by extermination" this coming Friday in Stockholm. Check out the flyer:

Chalksound's tentative release schedule for 2005:

01/28 - Ellis The Vacuumchild - Peace by extermination CD
02/21 - TEWBK - The end will be kicks CD
03/26 - Anna Leong - Fever 7"
03/?? - Moonbabies - TBA CDS
04/06 - Convoj - TBA CDEP
09/?? - Moonbabies - TBA CD
10/?? - Anna Leong - TBA CD

Chalksounds has started taking preorders on the new Ellis the Vacuumchild album:

Here's this week's top 20 Swedish album chart:

01. Lasse Stefanz - Röd Chevrolet
02. Magnus Uggla - Den tatuerade generationen
03. Carola - Jul i Betlehem
04. Lars Winnerbäck - Vatten under broarna
05. Uno Svenningsson - Ett andetag från dig
06. Lena Philipsson - Det gör ont en stund på natten men inget på dan
07. Markoolio - Bäst off
08. Marie Fredriksson - The Change
09. Björn Afzelius & Mikael Wiehe - 1993 - Malmöinspelningarna
10. Lasse Berghagen - Jul i vårt hus
11. Peter Jöback - Storybook
12. Arne Domnérus - Best of Dompan
13. Stefan Nilsson - Så som i himmelen
14. Benny Anderssons Orkester - Bao!
15. Ulf Lundell - OK Baby OK
16. Anna Ternheim - Somebody Outside
17. Totta Näslund - Totta 7: Soul!/På drift
18. Titiyo - Best of
19. The Refreshments - Easy to Pick Up, Hard to Put Down
20. Gyllene Tider - GT25 live

Chalksounds has posted yet another early Christmas present for y'all: two brand-new mp3s from Ellis the Vacuumchild off their upcoming debut album "Peace by extermination":
The band also has a new website: