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Country: Denmark
Genre: Hardrock
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Baby Woodrose discography at Bandcamp

Danish psychrockers Baby Woodrose are now up on Bandcamp with their entire discography available for streaming/purchase, including various sideprojects such as Dragontears and Spids Nøgenhat as well as rarities including a number of things never released before:

Bad Afro 2011 release schedule

No exact dates yet except for one, but here's 's confirmed release list for this coming spring:

Dragontears - 2000 micrograms from home LP repress. 500 copies on green vinyl. (AFROLP032). Release January 17.
Baby Woodrose - Mindblowing seeds & disconnected flowers LP/CD (AFROLP041/AFROCD041)
Baby Woodrose - Blows your mind LP repress. 500 copies on purple vinyl. (AFROLP020)
On Trial - 2x7" (FRO050)
Telstar Sound Drone - 7" (FRO051)

And for fall:

Baby Woodrose - Love comes down CD/LP (AFROLP042/AFROCD042)
The Setting Son - s/t LP repress. 500 copies on red vinyl. (AFROLP034)
Baby Woodrose/The Setting Son split 7” (FRO052)
The Dolly Rocker Movement (AU/US) - Your side of town 7” (FRO053)

PopMatters reviews Dragontears

PopMatters is scared of Dragontears' final album "Turn on tune in fuck off!!":

Dragontears - Turn on tune in fuck off!!Dragontears
Turn on tune in fuck off!!
Bad Afro

This record is the last outing in the trilogy from Dragontears. At first listen it sounds much more rocking and less acidic than the previous two -- but that's just a scam. It starts out with "Two tongue talk" which could have been a song from the Baby Woodrose catalogue with added psychedelic effects en mass and almost excessive use of theremin. Next track "No salvation" continues in the rocking way and may probably be the closest Dragontears will ever get to an actual radio friendly hit. The song is so darn funky and swinging, it could freak out a dance floor. Besides that, it also features some of the record's greatest acidic guitar work plus phenomenally cool female background vocals by Emma Acs. After this rocking start, it's time for the slow and semi acoustic ballad "Myfriend" -- a melancholic tale about friendship and... well, life in general?! And then... well, let the chemicals kick in. "Time of no time" is a musical trip of many dimensions. It's a matrix of swirling sounds and vocals and the slightly salted tears do penetrate your cortex. This song is, without doubt, one that shows off the blueprint of what the Dragontears collective is all about. After that, we have "William" which is the only really extended track on this record, complete with all the lysergic effects one could want -- and expect! The song has a nice slow groove and a steady almost tribal drum beat that gives it the perfect monotonic, hypnotic feel. The strong and well-written lyrics are in Danish and tells us a story about the haunted mind of painter William Skotte Olsen. Finally, last track "Mennesketvilling" is another dream-catching and surreal song that strongly underlines that this is Dragontears and not just another semi-psychedelic hipster band.
- Tom Gruschy Knudsen

Dragontears - No salvation

is streaming a new Dragontears track at myspace:
The band's third and final doomsday-themed album "Turn on tune in fuck off!" will be released on November 1.

Final Dragontears album in November

Danish psychrockers Dragontears will release their third and final album "Turn on tune in fuck off!!" on November 1 with a special first edition of vinyl to include a bonus 7" featuring the two exclusive cuts "Astral flash" and "Space fuck".

Bad Afro confirms a couple 2010 releases

Danish rock'n'roll label reports that Dragontears (ex-Baby Woodrose/On Trial) are currently recording what will probably be their third and final album. It will be called "Turn on tune in fuck off" and is set for release this fall. Also on the way from the label is a collection of demos and outtakes Baby Woodrose made during recording their debut album "Blows your mind" which will feature various alternate takes of songs on the album plus a few previously unreleased cuts. The title of that one will be called "Mindblowing seeds & disconnected flowers" and it's set for a spring release.

MP3: Baby Woodrose - Countdown to breakdown

Trying hard to stay positive on music posts this week, and boy am I struggling. Good thing I've got more quality hard rock to share though, because without it, I'd be at near-zero. So yeah, keep holding on for the hate to come next week; until then here's a cut from the new self-titled Baby Woodrose album, their sixth overall. I've only been so-so on the last few Woodrose records and the same goes for Mr. Lorenzo Woodrose's various side endeavors (The Setting Son, Dragontears), but this new disc is totally solid. Maybe not quite a year-end contender, but whatever, I'll take pure listening enjoyment over the stacks of plastic garbage littering my office and will be content, thankyouverymuch. Soundwise, don't expect any big surprises though; as with all Bad Afro releases, this falls well within their usual standard classic/retro/garage rock spectrum. "Countdown to breakdown" psychs it up a bit at least, adding a few backing aahs, tasteful tremolo leads and a smattering of backwards guitar, all while dropping small hints of bad-trips to come. Like I said, totally solid.

Baby Woodrose - Countdown to breakdown

Baby Woodrose psych-/spacerock sideproject Dragontears has finished recording their sophomore album "Tambourine freak machine" and will release it on November 17 via Bad Afro records. Hear a sample tune at myspace:

Bad Afro has announced that they'll be releasing the debut album "2000 micrograms from home" from Danish all-star act Dragontears on March 19. The band features members from Baby Woodrose and On Trial and started out as an improv/jam project back around New Year's 2005. Go here for samples/more info: