Artist: Don Agbai

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Cats and travel EP
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Don Agbai - Sheffield revisited

Swedish indiepop/electro act Don Agbai are streaming a new track at myspace:
The group is also looking for a new label now that is no longer around, so interested parties should get in touch.

Swedish indiepop/electro act Don Agbai has a new track up on myspace called "A last resort" which is a collaboration with Evergreen Days:

Swedish indiepop act Don Agbai has a brand new track up on myspace:

Don Agbai
Cats and travel EP
Vapen & Godis

This is a nice, fizzy electropop CD that goes down smoothly. The Swedish trio serves up five tracks, including the peppy and melodic "Barcelona 2002 (All I wanted was a postcard)" in a radio-friendly pop version as well as an extended dance remix. It's a great song, as is the opener "A trip to Venice". Although there's certainly an '80s influence here in the thumping beats and rhythmic synth work, this disc doesn't really sound retro. The pleasingly casual vocals and impeccable sound give the recording a zesty, fresh vibe. Band members Johan, Tobias and Fredrik perform with an enthusiasm that leaps from the grooves and I can't imagine anyone not liking this disc unless they're just indifferent to dance pop in general.
- Kevin Renick

Don Agbai has posted a new track on myspace:

Don Agbai has a new website:

Vapen & Godis have posted an mp3 from the new Don Agbai EP "Cats and travel":
Look for our own review of the release to be posted in the near future.

In other Vapen & Godis news, the label will be putting out Tommy Eld's debut EP later this fall along with a new 7" split featuring Cyndee Lee Hulko and Don Agbai.