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Depressive Art - Bye bye dear everythingDepressive Art
Bye bye dear everything
Wonderland Records


I'd be curious to know if this Swedish group chose their name to head off critics that might apply that description to their sound. Whatever. This music is neither depressive, nor art. It is slightly above average bar rock, the kind of testosterone-laced riffage that would sound better while drinking. Singer Klas Bohlin is an acquired taste - he has a manly, but not very nuanced voice which I found a bit grating. That said, "Solar system" and "Season for regret" are catchy little rockers that will get your foot a-tappin' but the slower tunes here are fairly dull and there's not much else about this band that really stands out.
- Kevin Renick

MP3: Depressive Art - How to breathe

Depressive Art is a misleading band name. A few of the songs are imbued with your standard lovelorn melancholy, but depressive art? C'mon now - get a grip! This is rock'n'roll, not mopey goths dressed in black. The crooning vocals and abundance of organ immediately bring to mind The Doors (as do songtitles such as "Psychedelic ghostride"), but it's not all a flashback trip. In a lot of ways, Depressive Art remind me a lot of what I like about Mando Diao. They've got the same retro/garage vibe, but lack the squeaky vocals and overbearing attitude. "How to breathe", the song I've posted today, is by far the hottest track on the album "Bye bye dear everything". I love those silly falsetto backing vocals and the pounding beat. The extended pickslide into the chorus is pretty great too. Definitely not what you'd expect from a band with this name.

Depressive Art - How to breathe

Got a nice big box of new CDs from Wonderland Records yesterday - new releases from Emmon, Depressive Art and Universal Poplab as well as Redlight's debut record. I've also finally made the new Scraps of Tape album "This is a copy is this a copy" available for preorder. Either click the direct links under 'What's new' on the right or head to the main storefront right here.