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Adrian Recordings signs Den Svenska Tystnaden, will release three EPs

has announced the signing of Den Svenska Tystnaden and will be releasing a series of three EPs from the band over the course of 2010. Up first is "Större avstånd högre spänning" on April 30, to be followed by "Långsamma repliker all tid i världen" (August 30) and "Utsikter från botten" (December 30). And for the trivia-minded, the band features label head Magnus Bjerkert's brother John Bjerkert, whose resume includes stints with ARC labelmates David & the Citizens/David Fridlund as well as Emil Jensen.

David Fridlund - Diamonds and photographs

David Fridlund's new solo single "Diamonds and photographs" is streaming at myspace:

New David Fridlund album gets new release date

The new David Fridlund album "Some day, eventually, in the future..." now has a release date: March 31 via . The first single is called "Diamonds & photographs".

New David Fridlund album is done

Swedish expat-cum-Austin resident David Fridlund (ex-David & the Citizens) has finished his new solo album "Some day, eventually, in the future..." and plans to release it in the very near future.

New David Fridlund album in January

David Fridlund (David & the Citizens) may have moved to Austin, but that's not gonna stop the Swedish release of his new album which will be out in January, via Fashionpolice if I remember correctly.

David Fridlund 1999-2009

David Fridlund (David & the Citizens) is celebrating 10 years as a musician by self-releasing a limited edition compilation of demo recordings. Go here for details:

David Fridlund finishes album, moves to Texas

David Fridlund (David & the Citizens) reports that his new album is done and he's also picking up and relocating to Austin, TX by the end of July:

David Fridlund (David & the Cititzens) will be going into Fashion Police Studios in Stockholm this November to finally begin work on his next full-length album.

David Fridlund is officially putting an end to David & the Citizens:
Look for new material to be issued under his given name in the near future, I believe a split 7" with his wife Sara Culler is coming this fall via Fashion Police.

David & The Citizens - I saw my reflection and I didn't recognize myselfDavid & The Citizens
I saw my reflection and I didn't recognize myself


This is the first release from David & the Citizens since all the members bar David Fridlund left rather suddenly, early last year. What made me like David & the Citizens in the first place was the nerve and the raw intensity of their songs. This release is somewhat lacking in those qualities and feels a bit like a watered down version of the real thing. Only one of the songs connect with me, and that's the last one (of the four) "Anything" which is an effortless song with great lyrics accompanied a simple piano. I'm very keen to see what David Fridlund will come up with next, but hopefully it'll be something much better than this.

You can download the EP for free here.
- Simon Tagestam

There's a new David & the Citizens EP posted for free download:
Does anyone know if David Fridlund still has a record deal?

David Fridlund (David & the Citizens) has new music posted on myspace:

More intimate video footage of David Fridlund (David & the Citizens) performing new material now up on YouTube:

Anders Weberg from Recycled recently filmed David Fridlund performing a few solo tracks in his living room and has posted them on YouTube: "Tears are in your eyes" / "Line"

Battle of the Midwestern Housewives interviews David Fridlund from David & the Citizens and subtlely manages to call out IAT in the process: