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Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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Presenting: St Andreas

Check out St Andreas, a new Swedish act featuring two members from Autisterna with a new 4-song EP out now:
Not nearly as obviously pastoral as their other band, but definitely still in a similar vein.

Stockholm Boat Sessions: Autisterna

Check out a Stockholm Boat Session featuring Autisterna:

Autisterna - Rachael Ray

Autisterna's new single "Rachael Ray" is officially out now and can also be streamed at the band's website:
The band's new album "Legender" will be out March 2.

MP3: Autisterna - Sov

Got a new track for you today from Austisterna, a Göteborg-based act named after Stig Larsson's debut novel. Though I have been bestowed with the exclusive privilege of posting said track by label , I wouldn't be doing so if it wasn't good and so logically it follows that yes, it is indeed a fine piece of work and one well worth checking out. Fit for this grey season too, not just because I'd rather be hibernating as the song title suggests ("Sov" = "Sleep"), but also because the band's violinist provides an extra little heart-tug with her languid melody line laying over the delicate tinkling of piano, a melancholy sound that's perfect for these short, dark days. It's been three years since the band's debut "Sista scenen" and now the follow-up "Legender", recorded once again with producer Mattias Glavå (Håkan Hellström, Broder Daniel, Franke, Sambassadeur etc.), is finally ready and will be released on March 2 on both CD and LP, as well as digital. "Sov" is merely a taste though; the first proper single "Rachael Ray" doesn't come out until January 10 and I'm sure that if it's anything as good as this, we can look forward to a fantastic record.

Autisterna - Sov

MP3: Love & Happiness - Stop, wait or go

I think it's fair to say that Jerry Bowman is a Göteborg scenester. I know that many people bristle at the term, but really, how else do you describe someone who is not only a prominent member of the local media, but also a show promoter and respected blogger? And yes, this week's guest in our ongoing Gbg-spotlight series. I mean no disrespect! So with that, on to the questions!

How long have you lived in Gbg? What brought you/keeps you there?

I've been walking the streets of Göteborg since 2001, when I got a job here. I'm from a small town on the west coast of Sweden, where everybody dreams about Göteborg. I pictured the city in a romantic haze, and when I moved here that image turned out to be true. I'm staying because I've found my home.

Do you think that there's a particular Gbg sound or attitude? If so, how would you describe it? Any prominent examples you'd like to cite?

There is no Göteborg sound. That's a myth created by the media. I think it's more of an attitude, a feeling of being the underdog. No one has ever really called Göteborg an underdog though, it's more of a self-inflicted position. People in Göteborg like to be the dirty, obnoxious dog compared to Stockholm. I think that Göteborg is more open to music that speaks from the heart. The bands just let it flow, they don't really give a shit about what's 'right' or 'wrong'.
A few examples are: Autisterna, Pen Expers, They Live by Night, Peter Sjöholm, Mormors Systrar and Cobra Charlie.

What is it that makes Gbg different from other major Swedish cities?

What sets Göteborg apart from all other Swedish cities is that, statistically, one person gets hit by a tram here every day of the year. We live in constant fear of these huge monsters! And fear generates creativity and fellowship!

How about if you were hosting an out-of-town visitor- what are the must-see places you would take them?

I would take him or her to the harbour. We have the biggest harbour in Scandinavia and it's located right in the city center (there are both pros and cons about that). Harbours are exciting. I would show the visitor the 'Broder Daniel-crane' and where they shot the video for "Shoreline". Then we would go to see a concert, of course. Hopefully Koloni would be arranging something that evening. If not, I would take my guest to Klubb Sandviken, the club run by me and my girlfriend. Needless to say, it's the best club in town. :-)

I know are a champion of many local Gbg acts- who are a few (more) of your current personal favorites?

Love & Happiness, Tilde Hjelm, a guy called Jesper from Frölunda (a Göteborg suburb) and Pats, the singer from Hospitalle who is now writing songs in Swedish. The last two have no MySpace pages... yet.

Of those favorites, got a particular song you'd like to share?

"Stop, wait or go" by Love & Happiness.

Listen below...

Love & Happiness - Stop, wait or go

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