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Waves of past relations
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Now on their second full-length, Danish quartet Atoi have built upon the success of debut "Youth machine" and created an album of electropop elegance that spans over three decades of the genre. Musical references to the likes of Gary Numan, Kraftwerk and A-ha sit together in perfect harmony as singer Ida Cęcilie Rasmussen provides a sublime layer of her own authenticity, serving to add a peculiar dimension to the material. While "Waves of past relations" certainly adheres to an '80s electro aesthetic, there's something very Mazzy Star about the work as well. It's not that it sounds the same; rather it has a level of enigmatic virtue that's utterly compelling and deeply satisfying. There's also an ever-so-slight touch of Genghis Tron on here, although that's not to say that this is in any way heavy. It's simply that, sonically, some of the music is quite reminiscent of GT's soft electronic moments. If there's one criticism though, it's that "Waves..." can get a bit tedious after a while, which points to the conclusion that this is music to be in the mood for rather than a disc for all seasons.
- John Norby

New music from Atoi

Danish melancholic electro act Atoi is streaming a couple new tracks from their forthcoming album "Waves of past relations", due out October 25:

Atoi - Julio Jackson (video)

Danish act Atoi has a neat new animated video for the single "Julio Jackson":
Sounds and looks pretty good!

Up-and-coming Danish act Atoi will be releasing the new EP "Tonight" on January 12 to be followed by the full-length album "Youth machine" on February 9. Samples at myspace: