Atlas Losing Grip update interview at SWEHC

SWEHC checks in with melodic hardcore act Atlas Losing Grip:

Atlas Losing Grip - Bitter blood (video)

A brand new video from Swedish melodic hardcore/punk act Atlas Losing Grip. Great band!

Atlas Losing Grip on tour again (+ No Fun At All!)

Swedish skatepunks Atlas Losing Grip will be heading back out on the road in the new year and will be doing a few shows with a reunited No Fun At All along the way:

01/11 - Hurricanes Pub, Tours (FRA)
01/12 - Heretic, Bordeaux (FRA)
01/13 - Sala Mogambo, Donostia-San Sebastián (ESP)
01/14 - La Antigua, Ovideo (ESP)
01/15 - Sala A Reserva, Carballo (ESP)
01/16 - tba, Porto (PT)
01/17 - Sala Supersonic, Cadiz (ESP)
01/18 - Santiago Alquimista, Lisbon (PT) w/No Fun At All
01/19 - Sala Live, Madrid (ESP) w/No Fun At All
01/20 - Sala rock City, Valencia (ESP) w/No Fun At All
01/21 - Estraperlo Club, Badalone (ESP) w/No Fun At All
01/22 - Sala Moscou, Torello (ESP), w/No Fun At All
01/23 - Connexion Cafe, Tolouse (FRA)
01/24 - La Fourmi, Limoges (FRA)
01/25 - Les Combustibles, Paris (FRA)
02/03 - Alter Stadtbahnhof, Schweinfurt (GER) w/ZSK
02/04 - Matrix, Bochum (GER) w/ZSK
02/10 - Faust, Hannover (GER) w/ZSK
02/11 - Batschkapp, Frankfurt Am Main (GER) w/ZSK

Atlas Losing Grip - November tourshow (video)

Atlas Losing Grip, having fun on tour. Really well done actually -- great footage and even better editing.

New 7" EP from Atlas Losing Grip

A new 3-song 7" from Atlas Losing Grip featuring acoustic versions of two tracks off their excellent "State of unrest" album plus one unreleased cut, due out November 25 via .

Atlas Losing Grip on tour

Excellent Swedish melodic hardcore act Atlas Losing Grip are heading out on tour this week:

11/09 - Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover (GER)
11/10 - Maloe Melo, Amsterdam (NL)
11/11 - Dornroosje, Nijmwegen (NL)
11/12 - De Lichtboei, Harlingen (NL)
11/13 - Le Kalvaire, Dunkerque (FRA)
11/14 - Alte Hackerei, Karlsruhe (GER)
11/15 - Kofmehl, Solothurn (CH)
11/16 - VooDoo Arci, Comacchio (ITA)
11/17 - Traffic, Rome (ITA)
11/18 - Latte +, Brescia (ITA)
11/19 - MC Perkania, Maribor (SLO)
11/21 - Jugendcafe, Zwiesel (GER)
11/22 - Feierwerk/ Kranhalle, München (GER)
11/23 - Keller Klub, Stuttgart (GER)
11/24 - Kulturpalast, Wiesbaden (GER)
11/25 - Sonic Ballroom, Köln (GER)
11/26 - Amp, Münster (GER)

MP3: Atlas Losing Grip - All in a days work

Atlas Losing Grip is my summer jam. Earnest, politically-minded hardcore is a rare breed these days, so it makes me pretty damn excited to hear something like this, especially when it's done so damn well. Seriously, has there been any other modern bands besides maybe Lack that do this sort of thing and are worth noting? If they exist, I don't know about them. Powerful hooks and a powerful message, a perfect combo. Bonus points for the Aleister Crowley quote, an inclusion that makes a lot more sense when you know that vocalist Rodrigo Alfaro also runs the label . But yeah, very very recommended! For all the great raw hardcore being made these days, it's really nice to hear something from the other side of the pop spectrum.

Atlas Losing Grip - All in a days work

SWEHC interviews Atlas Losing Grip

SWEHC interviews Atlas Losing Grip guitarist Gustav Brunn about the band's new album "State of unrest":

Atlas Losing Grip - Unrest (video)

A new video from Atlas Losing Grip off their excellent new album "State of unrest" which you should most certainly check out, if you haven't already. Direct link:

New Atlas Losing Grip now streaming

The new Atlas Losing Grip album "State of unrest" is now available for full streaming + preorder:
The official release date is May 28 via and if the samples I've heard are any indication, this is gonna be a stellar album. Really excited to hear it myself!

Atlas Losing Grip - All in a days work (video)

A new tune from Swedish melodic punk act Atlas Losing Grip off their forthcoming record "State of unrest". Into it. Dig the Freddy Mercury mustache on the singer too.

Atlas Losing Grip spring tour

Atlas Losing Grip will be heading out on an extended European tour to support the release of their new album, due out in May via :

03/30 - Logo, Hamburg (GER)
03/31 - tba, Hannover (GER)
04/01 - Roots Club, Mönchengladbach (GER)
04/02 - Ant Attack Festival, Dillingen/Saar (GER)
04/13 - Wild at Heart, Berlin (GER)
04/14 - Zimmer 04, Regensburg (GER)
04/15 - Backstage, München (GER)
04/16 - Overdrive Festival, Kapfenberg (AUS)
04/17 - Arena, Wien (AUS) w/Millencolin
04/18 - Orto Bar, Ljubljana (SLO)
04/19 - Lazzaretto, Bologna (ITA)
04/20 - Palazzo Granaio, Settimo Milanese (Milano) (ITA)
04/21 - tba
04/22 - tba
04/23 - tba
05/12 - Villa, Rotenburg (GER)
05/13 - Volxbad, Flensburg (GER)
05/14 - tba (GER)
05/15 - Panda Bar, Ulm (GER)
05/16 - Kulturcafe, Mainz (GER)
05/17 - tba (BEL)
05/18 - The Frontline, Ghent (BEL)
05/19 - Sojo, Leuven (BEL)
05/20 - Sputnik Cafe, Münster (GER)
05/21 - Das Zentrum, Menden (GER)
05/22 - tba (GER)

Atlas Losing Grip to Black Star Foundation

has signed the excellent Swedish melodic punk act Atlas Losing Grip and will be releasing the band's new album "State of unrest" on May 28. Listen to some tunes at Bandcamp:

Atlast Losing Grip planning Euro tour for March

Atlas Losing Grip has started to post tentative European tourdates for March:

Atlas Losing Grip to play Germany, France, Belgium

Atlas Losing Grip are doing a short Euro tour in January:

01/13 - Rote Flora, Hamburg (GER)
01/14 - Sputnikhall, Münster (GER)
01/15 - The Sojo, Leuven (BEL)
01/16 - Le Pixi, Paris (FRA)
01/17 - De Slekke, Kortrijk (BEL)
01/18 - De Rots, Antwerpen (BEL)