Asta Kask to Spain

Asta Kask are heading down to Spain for some shows in April:

04/19 - tba, Madrid
04/20 - Gaztetxe, Arrasate-Mondragon
04/21 - Edaska Rock Club, Barakaldo
04/22 - tba, Lleida

Turist i tillvaron vol. 4 lineup confirmed

Artists are now confirmed for volume 4 of Mikael Sörling's Swedish punk comp "Turist i tillvaron":
A few of the names you may recognize: Makabert Fynd, Burning Kitchen, Asta Kask, Crash Nomada, Gamla Pengar and Desperat.

Illegal by Choice: A benefit record for hidden refugees

has confirmed that the upcoming "Illegal By Choice" benefit comp that they are doing for Punk Illegal/No One is Illegal (as hinted at here) will feature previously unreleased tracks from Swedish hardcore acts Victims, Kvoteringen, Meanwhile and Asta Kask plus Euro mainlanders Demenzia Kolektiva (AUS) and Alert! Alert! (POL). I'm not sure of the pressing details, but it's already been sent to the plant and should be ready by the next Punk Illegal fest in Munkedal, Sweden on June 24-25. More info:

MP3: Asta Kask - Ringhals brinner

Tonight! In Seattle! The US live debut of Asta Kask! Is that for real? Can it be true that it's taken 30-some years for Swedish punks Asta Kask to finally grace our shores? Regardless, I'm incredibly excited for the show, not just because my own dumb band is playing too, but also because it's Friday and it's beautiful outside and I'm just feeling good. However, I must admit that I'm embarrassingly unfamiliar with a good portion of Asta Kask's back catalogue. Thank goodness for the internet though, I know how I'll be spending my day.

Asta Kask - Ringhals brinner

Asta Kask tourblog

Swedish punkrockers Asta Kask will be keeping a tourblog when they come over for their first-ever US tour this week:
Also, Arctic Flowers cancelled the show in Seattle on Friday and now my band Criminal Code will be opening so feel free to come early and check us out.

Asta Kask US tour

Not sure why I didn't post this ages ago, but here's Asta Kask's upcoming US tourdates:

05/20 - The Morgue, Seattle, WA
05/21 - East End (21 and up), Portland, OR
05/22 - East End (all ages), Portland, OR
05/24 - Big Tree, Arcata, CA
05/25 - The Fire Escape, Sacramento, CA
05/26 - Eagle Tavern, San Francisco, CA
05/27 - 924 Gilman St., Berkley, CA
05/28 - BLVD (Threatfest), Los Angeles, CA
05/29 - Dipiazzas, Long Beach, CA
05/30 - Inner City Youth Center, Phoenix, AZ
06/01 - Rubber Gloves, Denton, TX
06/02 - Emo's (Chaos in Tejas), Austin, TX

Asta Kask confirmed for Chaos in Tejas

No big surprise since I figured it would happen, but Asta Kask has now been officially confirmed for Chaos in Tejas along with a bajillion other amazing bands. I mean, seriously? Kreigshög and Curren$y and Autopsy and Youth of Today? Insane.

Wolfbrigade working on new record, Asta Kask touring worldwide

Speaking of Dadde, he also sends word that Wolfbrigade are currently in pre-production for their 8th album which will be recorded at Studio Fredman, their first time there since 1997. And as for Asta Kask, the band will be releasing a split 7" with Japanese act Crispy Nuts and will also be touring their with them over in their part of the world this coming February. They're also working on their very first US tour which should happen around May or June, I'm presuming to coincide with Chaos in Tejas which will be June 2-5 this coming year.

Asta Kask - Nya varje val inget val

Long-running Swedish punk act Asta Kask has re-recorded their 1986 track "Varje val inget val" as a new version with updated lyrics and the title "Nya varje val inget val" and are giving it away as a free download here. Read the band's full statement (in Swedish) and get the lyrics at their website:

Beat Butchers turns 25

It's already sold out, but maybe still worth noting: Swedish punk label Beat Butchers will celebrate their 25th anniversary on September 25 at Kägelbanan (Södra teatern) in Stockholm. In addition to headliners Asta Kask, they've also got a ton of old bands to reunite for the event including Radioaktiva Räker, Rolands Gosskör, Coca Carola, Hans & Greta, APA, Brandgul, 23 Till and Varnagel. More here:

Snutjävel - Punksvin

Snutjävel has recorded a new version of the oft-covered Teddybears Sthlm track "Punkrocker" as "Punksvin", together with many guests from bands such as Sator, Asta Kask and The Liptones as well as Teddybears Sthlm themselves. Listen at myspace:

Presenting: Johnny Kask

Check out members from legendary Swedish punk act Asta Kask playing Johnny Cash covers på Svenska:
I don't know much about Kumla Prison, but I highly doubt it has anything on San Quentin...

Check out a new 10-minute doc on Swedish punk featuring interviews with Asta Kask and others:
In Swedish, but don't let that dissuade you.

Swedish punks Asta Kask have posted a bunch of cover versions of their songs for download:

MP3: T.S.T. - No government

This week, Jonas Appelqvist is taking us back to 1982:

Last night it dawned upon me that I in fact own one song with T.S.T. (a band that's been a subject of discussion in the message board for quite some time now). They're represented on the compilation "Vägra raggarna benzin – punk från provinserna 78-82 vol. II" with "Väktarnas värld" along with Asta Kask, TT Reuter and Unter Den Linden. The reason for the discussion is that someone wanted to know who originally wrote the song "Oh, I'm so alone" which Fireside recorded back in 1997. And yup, you guessed it; it was the songwriters in this band, Nandur Hegedüs and Jarmo Mäkkeli. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to track down that song but, boy, do I have goodies for you! Let me present a song taken from their self-titled debut released in 1982, "No government". Being ahead of their time, this is what I imagine that Mr. Brett and Greg Graffin from Bad Religion and Bob Mould from Hüsker Dü would use as preference to their own songwriting at the time.
This punk band from Västerås released two albums, a few EPs and contributed to a bunch of compilations over the years. I can warmly recommend the "Varning för punk"-comp, in which most of the Swedish punk elite are represented, a triple CD that sums up the eighties punk scene in Sweden in a great way.
FYI, being born and raised in a town that was a big punk scene during that period with great bands such as Nyx Negativ and, mentioned above, Unter Den Linden, I almost feel obliged to do mp3-posts on those bands as well. Hell, you can't miss out on that!
But for now, enjoy your T.S.T.!

T.S.T. - No government