Artist: Apoteket Apan

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Apoteket Apan - Det är något med den där ödslighetenApoteket Apan
Det är något med den där ödsligheten


If Håkan Hellström were singing in a Franz Ferdinand, Razorlight-influenced indiepop band, he would sound like the Uppsala 7-piece Apoteket Apan (Swedish for "Pharmacy Monkey"). In their new self-released EP "Det är något med den där ödsligheten" Apoteket Apan demonstrate that they are a very able band that has got what it takes to write inspired tunes. Jonas Furberg has a charismatic, straightforward voice and the smart chord changes, the strong melodies, some well-chosen keyboard bleeps; glockenspiels and vocal harmonies create a very interesting palette. Apoteket Apan are almost there, but they should take more time to further enhance and develop these elements in order to stand out of the large pile of bands with a similar sound. In the meantime, they have made their whole catalogue available on their website as a free download and they definitely deserve your attention.
- Vasilis Panagiotopoulos