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MP3: Säkert! - The flu

Having finally heard "Säkert! på engelska", it's no wonder that Annika Norlin was reluctant to translate her work to English. This is wordy, complicated stuff and while she did a more than admirable job making it work, it's still kinda messy at times, much like the emotional content of the material. Fitting, I suppose, though perhaps not quite as poetic as the original. Still, even less-than-stellar Annika is far, far better than most, whether it's with Säkert! or Hello Saferide or whatever else she sets her mind to, and I'm sure that all of us with lackluster Svenska skills are more than glad she took the time to bother.

Säkert! - The flu

Annika Norlin - The doctor in me

Via PSL, check out Annika Norlin (Säkert!/Hello Saferide) covering Deportees at their releasefest in Umeå:

Säkert! på engelska coming soon

We knew it was coming, now it's confirmed to be one step closer: Annika Norlin has re-recorded Säkert! material in English. No idea when it'll be out, but I'm looking forward to it.

2011 Swedish Grammis

Here's the nominees for the 2011 Swedish Grammis:

Best album:
Håkan Hellström - 2 Steg Från Paradise
Oskar Linnros - Vilja Bli
Robyn - Body Talk
Säkert! - Facit
The Radio Dept. - Clinging To a Scheme

Best artist:
Håkan Hellström
Oskar Linnros

Best song:
Anna Bergendahl - This Is My Life
Daniel Adams-Ray - Gubben I Lådan
Eric Saade - Manboy
Erik Grönwall - Higher
Johnossi - What's The Point
Mohombi - Bumpy Ride
Oskar Linnros - Från Och Med Du
Robyn - Dancing On my Own
Salem Al Fakir - Keep On Walking
Swedish House Mafia – One

Best group:
Dungen - Skit I Allt
Hästpojken - Från Där Jag Ropar
Johnossi - Mavericks
Kent - En Plats I Solen
The Radio Dept. - Clinging To A Scheme

Best folk/visa:
Blandade Artister - Sonja Åkesson Tolkad Av
First Aid Kit - The Big Black & The Blue
Jonas Knutsson - Blåslåtar
Ola Magnell - Rolös
Toni Holgersson - Ibland Kallar Jag Det Kärlek

Best hardrock/metal:
Ghost - Opus Eponymous
Khoma - A Final Storm
Pascal - Orkanen Närmar Sig
Sabaton - Coat Of Arms
Watain - Lawless Darkness

Best jazz:
Dan Berglunds Tonbruket - Tonbruket
Goran Kajfes - X/Y
Magnus Carlson & The Moon Ray Quintet - Echoes
Oddjob - Clint
Peter Asplund Quartet - Asplund Meets Bernstein

Best songwriter:
Annika Norlin & Henrik Oja - Facit
Håkan Hellström - 2 Steg Från Paradise
Klas Åhlund & Robyn - Body Talk
Oskar Linnros - Vilja Bli
Pernilla Andersson - Ö

Best female artist:
Anna Von Hausswolff - Singing FromThe Grave
Britta Persson - Current Affair Medium Rare
Pernilla Andersson - Ö
Robyn - Body Talk
Säkert! - Facit

Best male artist:
Daniel Adams-Ray - Svart Vitt Och Allt Däremellan
Håkan Hellström - 2 Steg Från Paradise
Oskar Linnros - Vilja Bli
Salem Al Fakir - Ignore This
The Tallest Man On Earth - The Wild Hunt

Best newcomer:
Anna Von Hausswolff - Singing From The Grave
Ceo - White Magic
First Aid Kit - The Big Black & The Blue
Oskar Linnros - Vilja Bli
Swedish House Mafia - Until One

Best producer:
Adrian Lux
Joakim Åhlund & Håkan Hellström
Klas Åhlund
Max Martin
Red One

Best international success:
Max Martin
Red One
Swedish House Mafia

Best lyrics:
Annika Norlin - Facit
Håkan Hellström - 2 Steg Från Paradise
Ola Magnell - Rolös
Oskar Linnros - Vilja Bli
Plura Jonsson - Kärlekens Väg - En Mässa

Best urban/dance:
Boeoes Kaelstigen - Tanum Teleport
Familjen - Mänskligheten
Petter - En Räddare I Nöden
PH3 - PH3 Löser Ett Fall
Swedish House Mafia - Until One

Best Innovator:
Magnus Weideskog

Winners will be announced at a ceremony at Kungliga Operan in Stockholm on January 17.

Sonja Åkesson tribute preview

Preview a number of the tracks from the new Sonja Åkesson tribute comp just released on :
Featured artists include Kajsa Gritt, Sofia Karlsson, Britta Persson, Frida Hyvönen and Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide, Säkert!).

Sonja Åkesson, set to music

PSL reports that Swedish poet Sonja Åkesson has had her words put to music by an illustrious cast of female artists, including Kajsa Gritt, Britta Persson, Annika Norlin, Sofia Karlsson and Nina Ramsby, and will be released as an album on November 24. Full tracklist details:

MP3: Säkert! - Köttet är svagt

I haven't been posting any new editorial content lately for the simple reason that I've just been way too busy doing other things, mostly work. Daily news updates... those are mindless and need to be tended to lest I get way too far behind. New things are in the works though, should I get on top of my massive task list. Anyhow, I do have a new track for you today -- I hinted awhile back about a few choice albums on regular rotation and hopefully you had no trouble guessing, but just in case, I happily admit that one of them is Säkert!'s latest work "Facit". I love Hello Saferide and I love Isolation Years and the combination continues to succeed on album #2 to no surprise whatsoever. I just wish I knew more Swedish because, unlike those bands' other records, I know I'm missing out on quite a lot. For example, artists such as Håkan Hellström are able to communicate without translation, but when Annika Norlin sings in her native tongue, the result is far more nuanced and delicate. I'm to the point where I can pick out bits and pieces, but I know I'll be needing to spend a lot more time with this one before I feel like I really truly "get it". Still, songs do stick out and "Köttet är svagt" ("Flesh is weak") is one. Very recommended!

Säkert! - Köttet är svagt

Hello Saferide - Live @ Filter's Culture Collide Festival 10/09/10Hello Saferide
Live @ Filter's Culture Collide Festival 10/09/10

Last weekend, Filter Magazine staged the Culture Collide Festival -- a veritable United Nations of indierock, and (if my opinion as one of their freelance writers is to be trusted) a freaking genius idea. Among the weekend's standout international sets (Might I suggest KAMP! and Casiokids for all your dance party needs?) was Hello Saferide (Annika Norlin to her friends) who, with Andrea Kellerman of Firefox AK, made her Los Angeles debut with three intimate shows.

While the size of the venue -- really the backroom of French restaurant Taix -- made it a bid difficult to call her Saturday night performance a case of taking the city by storm, those present were treated to an all-too-brief intimate performance an incredibly skilled storyteller. (Heck, she didn't name her sophomore album, "More modern stories from Hello Saferide" for nothing.) Replacing the album's electric guitars for an acoustic axe and a kick drum, Norlin breathed new life into the material -- most notably during "Anna", and the onomonopia-dense "Arjeplog" where the stripped-down version elevated Norlin's art of the broken heart.

From apologizing to an über fan parked in the front row for playing the same set three days in a row (he didn't seem to mind), to telling the audience about her wacky Los Angeles pen pal ("She slept with all these hockey players and then wrote to me about it. I was thirteen!") Norlin came across as an every-woman worth knowing. Here's hopping Los Angeles was listening.
- Laura Studarus

Don't believe it

Just to clarify one more time, rumors of Annika Norlin's musical retirement have been greatly exaggerated:

Then again, maybe not

Annika Norlin says don't believe everything you read.

Annika Norlin to retire from music

Aftonbladet reports that Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide/Säkert!) is walking away from the music business:
Too much, too soon, too much pressure; totally understandable: "Det jag gillar med att plugga är att musiken blir en hobby. Då får man in mer lust i det. Man gör saker av rätt anledningar." Her final Säkert! album "Facit" comes out September 15 and a new Hello Saferide album (recorded at the same time) will follow in spring.

Free EP from I'm on TV

Swedish female-fronted indie act I'm on TV have a new 3-song EP that they're giving away for free download:
I'm not that into it, even though it apparently features guest appearances from Annika Norlin and Kristofer Åström.

New Säkert! album in September

Annika Norlin's (Hello Saferide) Swedish-language project Säkert! has recorded a new album entitled "Facit" which will be released on September 15. Look for the lead single "Fredrik" in August. More:

Juni Järvi - (I love it when you call me) Baby (feat. Annika Norlin)

Listen to a YouTube preview of the brand new Juni Järvi single "(I love it when you call me) Baby", featuring guest vocals from Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide, Säkert!):
The official release date for said track is May 26 and it will be followed by the album "The gospel" in early September which will feature guest appearances from Markus Krunegård (Laakso) and others.

Oskar Schönning preps new album to feature lyrics by Annika Norlin

Swedish jazz bassist and band leader Oskar Schönning will release the new album "Belgrade tapes", his fourth, on March 1 via his own label. The album will feature live recordings from his band's trip to Serbia in August of 2007, as well as street recordings and other errata plus unsung lyrics composed by Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide, Säkert!). Says Oskar with regards to the words: "Jag har aldrig lyssnat på en låttext i hela mitt liv. Musiken dominerar texten på samma sätt som bilden dominerar musiken i film. Däremot har jag alltid lusläst booklets och låttexter. Särskilt Annika Norlins." (translate) Personally speaking, I completely relate. For locals, there will be a release party at Mosebacke in Stockholm on February 28.