Artist: Alog

Country: Norway
Genre: Electronic/Synth/Dance
Reviews: Son of king (mp3) / Catch that totem! (mp3)
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Presenting the Ligetizer

Presenting the Ligetizer, a new 6-metronome instrument designed and constructed by Espen Sommer Eide of Alog/Phonophani. Full details here.

Alog - Bømlo brenn om natta (video)

Official video from Alog for the track "Bømlo brenn om natta" using images from Google Street View from the Norwegian island of Bømlo.

Arts Desk Nordic Music Round-Up #3

The Arts Desk has posted a third installment of their Nordic Music Round-Up series:
Featured artists include Jenny Hval, Alog, Mirel Wagner, Black Twig, Firefox AK, Karin Park, Den Svenska Tystnaden and many more.

Pitchfork reviews Alog

Pitchfork gives high marks to the most recent Alog album "Unemployed":

Alog present new live album/Manga "Tokio Heaven"

Alog picked up a small stack of cardboard sleeves on their way through Portland, OR and, after pondering awhile what to do with them, finally settled on making them into covers for a new live album. However, they did not settle for a standard cover design -- instead they enlisted Japanese Manga artist Junko Harada to do a 50-panel strip, one for each edition of the record. See the result here, entitled "Tokio Heaven":

Alog recording the Sheriffs of Nothingness (video)

A look behind the scenes of the recording of Alog's new album "Underemployed", just released today via .

New Alog to be 4LP

Alog's new album "Unemployed" will be released as a 4LP set in addition to the CD:

New Alog on 11.11.11

The new Alog album "Unemployed" is confirmed for release on November 11 via :

Alog recording session (video)

The wind in the trees and the sound of something new from Alog.

Hubro presents "Glossolalia"

Norwegian artist Sigbjørn Apeland, known for his collaborations with Alog and Nils Økland, has a new album out this week via entitled "Glossolalia" featuring solo improvisations on the harmonium. Read more:
Says the label "The term 'glossolalia' comes from the Greek 'glossa' meaning 'tongue', and 'lalia', meaning 'to speak'. To speak in tongues is to talk in unintelligible sounds in a state of religious ecstasy. The title of the album is a play on the instrument's association with low-church traditions, that the music 'came to' Apeland in an inspired moment, and that the harmonium, unlike the church organ, has metal tongues instead of pipes."

Alog to release live in Japan double-live album

Norwegian avant/electronic duo Alog will be releasing a double live album next year featuring recordings from shows in Japan. Japanese Manga artist Junko will be handling the artwork and here are some rough sketches:

99 Minutes #6

Episode #6 of Norwegian music podcast "99 Minutes" is now online:
Featured artists include Dimmu Borgir, Alog, Monzano, Supersilent, Hanne Hukkelberg, Jenny Hval, Motorpsycho and more.

New Phonophani reviewed at Themilkfactory

Themilkfactory reviews the new Phonophani album "Kreken":
I have yet to hear it myself, but I am immensely curious as I'm a big fan of both Phonophani and Alog.

Alog split reviewed at The Silent Ballet

The Silent Ballet reviews the Alog/Astral Social Club split 12" on :

Fact reviews the new Alog 12"

Fact Magazine reviews the new Alog 12" on FatCat: