Artist: Alice in Videoland

Country: Sweden
Genre: Postpunk/Goth/New Wave
Reviews: Outrageous
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Alice in Videoland - Spaceship (video)

It took two years, but Alice in Videoland has finally released a very entertaining homemade video for their single "Spaceship".

Slangbella - Du och jag ska leva tills vi dör

Quality punky new-wave rock'n'roll from Slangbella, a new project created by drummer/producer Anders Alexander (Alice in Videoland, Melody Club). Def worth a listen!

Alice in Videoland - Spaceship

are streaming the new Alice in Videoland single "Spaceship":

Alice in Videoland signs with Wonderland

has announced the signing of Swedish pop/electro act Alice in Videoland. Expect a new single in late February/early March.

Swedish Showcase, together with help from the Swedish Institute, is sending a group of Swedish acts to Belarus in order to "inspire and develop the Belarusian music scene, its artists and organizers." The acts participating: I Love You Baby!, Alice in Videoland, Paris and Pluxus. Dates and details:

Swedish electropop act Alice In Videoland have signed with German label Prussia Records who will be releasing their most recent album "She's a machine" throughout Europe on June 20. Expect European tourdates to be announced soon as well.

Alice in Videoland will release their new album "She's a machine" on April 23 via National Records. Hear samples at myspace:

The Go! Team (UK) and Suicide Commando (BEL) along with Swedish acts Alice In Videoland, Familjen, Rigas and Deathstars are the first batch of artists confirmed for next year's Arvika Festival, set for July 3-5. Read more:

Remember the Winter Wonderland festival tour? Well, this March it's coming back as the Spring Wonderland tour. Here's the dates:

03/20 - The Garage, Oslo (NOR)
03/21 - The Garage, Bergen (NOR)
03/22 - Tekniska, Stockholm (SWE)
03/23 - Musikcafeen, Århus (DK)
03/24 - Studenterhuset, Copenhagen (DK)
03/25 - Gimle, Roskilde (DK)
03/26 - Bodoni, Malmö (SWE)

Acts confirmed so far include Alice in Videoland, Eskju Divine, Insert Coin, Rasmus Helner and The Owens. Please note that not all bands play every date, so be sure to check local listings for details.

Podcast: It's been a long time... too long

Alice in Videoland

National have become known mostly for being a reissue label, be it Allan Edwall or Pugh Rogefeldt. And when they do sign a band that still exists, they usually are a bit dull to be frank. Alice In Videoland is no exception. I guess AiV going for some kind of Fischerspooner-ish electroclash, but the production sounds cheap and out of date. Come on man, it's fucking 2005, not 1985. However, lead singer Toril Lindqvist was voted 73'd sexiest woman by sleazy magazine Slitz and that's got to count for something, huh?
- Johanna Smith

This week's YLE X3M video chart:

01. Kent - Den döda vinkeln (SWE)
02. Smak - Vesi tulvii sisään (FIN)
03. Jermaine - Goodbye sign (FIN)
04. Mew - Special (DK)
05. The Rasmus - No fear (FIN)
06. Steen1 - Carosol Kid (FIN)
07. Technicolour - Nowhere to go (FIN)
08. Korpiklaani - Kädet siipinä (FIN)
09. HIM - Wings of a butterfly (FIN)
10. Alice in Videoland - Cut the crap (SWE)

11. Nightwish - Sleeping sun (FIN)
12. The Cardigans - I need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer (SWE)
13. El Caco - Substitute (NOR)

This week's YLE X3M video chart:

01. Kent - Den döda vinkeln (SWE)
02. Mew - Special (DK)
03. Smak - Vesi tulvii sisään (FIN)
04. Steen1 - Carosol Kid (FIN)
05. Alice in Videoland - Cut the crap (SWE)
06. The Rasmus - No fear (FIN)
07. Technicolour - Nowhere to go (FIN)
08. HIM - Wings of a butterfly (FIN)
09. Korpiklaani - Kädet siipinä (FIN)
10. Gakko3 - In love (FIN)

11. Jermaine - Goodbye sign (FIN)
12. Robyn - Handle me (SWE)
13. Erwin Thomas - Tonight (DK)

Photo: Henrik is updated with new pics from Alice in Videoland, The Baboon Show, Junip, K. Ragnstam and Måns Jälevik:

This week's YLE X3M video chart:

01. Kent - Den döda vinkeln (SWE)
02. Smak - Vesi tulvii sisään (FIN)
03. Technicolour - Nowhere to go (FIN)
04. The Rasmus - No fear (FIN)
05. Gakko3 - In love (FIN)
06. HIM - Wings of a butterfly (FIN)
07. Korpiklaani - Kädet siipinä (FIN)
08. Critical - Mina sista ord (SWE)
09. Bloodpit - Platitude (FIN)
10. Mew - Special (DK)

11. Steen1 - Carosol Kid (FIN)
12. Alice in Videoland - Cut the crap (SWE)
13. Stisch - Emotions (SWE)