Artist: Akamu

Country: Sweden
Genre: Electronic/Synth/Dance
Reviews: In case of sorrow (mp3)
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MP3: Akamu - In case of sorrow

I didn't budget my time very well on my trip to Göteborg, so I barely had any time to go record shopping, but I did pick up a few things, the best of them being the P2 Ström "Ny musik för landssorg" compilation. The concept is fairly simple, as exemplified by the title: "New music for national grief" - what music do you play in the event of great tragedy? This collection of Swedish electronic artists are attempting to create a new soundtrack for such a occasion and I am amazed at how successful the outcome is. As one would surmise, the music is dark, calm, introspective and, for the most part, wordless. It's also incredibly cohesive as a whole and I had a really hard time deciding on what track to feature today. Opener "In case of sorrow" from Akamu works well I think as it firmly establishes a mood. As the artist himself describes it: "A Jan Johansson-tranquility" with a light air of celebration in the swinging background rhythms. "A balance of respect and funeral feast" he says, though I think something might be lost in translation there. The way I see it: It's dark, but it's not a funeral dirge. There's an all-important soothing quality to the work and that's of vital importance considering the guiding concept. Hence, it is effective and appropriate, not just a lovely piece of music. There's many other tracks on here just as exceptional, I only wish I had the time to talk about each of them. Very recommended.

Akamu - In case of sorrow