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Country: Sweden
Genre: Electronic/Synth/Dance
Reviews: On trade winds
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GBG belongs to you

I don't love Air France, but I do love Göteborg and would move there in an instant if I could, so that's more than enough reason to endorse AF member Joel Karlsson's personal recommendation list for the city:
I'm not familiar with every place he recommends, but I wholeheartedly back Solrosen as one of the best, most friendly and affordable places we ate on our recent trip.

Air France are done

Swedish pop duo Air France have decided to part ways:

Air France - It feels good to be around you

Air France is finally back with a new song via :
More details here:

Air France abroad

Air France will be travelling abroad in July to do some DJ gigs opening for Memory Tapes:

07/05 - Fleche d’Or, Paris (FRA)
07/06 - XOYO, London (UK)
07/07 - Manchester Deaf Institute, Manchester (UK)
07/08 - The Arches, Glasgow (SCO)

Fly Air France

Air France, now on tumblr and possibly coming back with something new in 2011:

EVB talks to Air France

East Village Boys interviews Air France ahead of their upcoming NYC DJ gigs:

Swedish Grammis 2010 best video nominees

The nominees for the Swedish Grammis/MTV award in the category of best music video have been announced:

Adam Tensta, Eboi, Infinite Mass - Area turns red 09 (dir. Marcus Lundin)
Adiam Dymott - Miss you (dir. Senay & Kolacz)
Air France - No excuses (dir. Marcus Söderlund)
Amanda Jensen - Happyland (dir. Jerker Josefsson)
Bob Hund - Bli aldrig som oss bli värre! (dir. Johan Söderberg)
BWO - Right here right now (dir. Josef Andersson)
El Perro Del Mar - Change of heart (dir. Filip Nilsson)
Elin Lanto - Love made me stupid (dir. Robinovich)
Fever Ray - When I grow up (dir. Martin de Thurrah)
Jenny Wilson - Like a fading rainbow (dir. Marcus Söderlund)
Pato Pooh feat. Adam Tensta - Follow me (dir. Maceo Frost)
Peter Bjorn and John - It don't move me (dir. Filip Nilsson)
Promoe - Svennebanan (dir. Magnus Härdner)
Taken By Trees - My boys (dir. Marcus Söderlund)
The Sound Of Arrows - Into the clouds (dir. The Sound Of Arrows)
Timbuktu - Välj mej (dir. Daniel Wirtberg & Jonas Rudström)
Promoe - Mammas Gata (dir. Magnus Härdner)
Moneybrother - Born under a bad sign (dir. Kalle Haglund)
Mando Diao - Gloria (dir. Jörn Heitmann)
Melody Club - The only ones (dir. Peder Bergstrand)

View/vote here:

Air France in the US

Air France will be following Jens Lekman to Chicago to DJ following his NYE gigs and are also looking for additional gigs around the same time:

Cut City, Air France mixtapes at Warmer Climes

Max J Hansson from Cut City does the mixtape thing for Warmer Climes along with Joel and Henrik from Air France.

MP3: C.Aarmé - Bodybuilding

On October 14 the mighty C.Aarmé return with their third full-length album "World music" via the label Spegel. But they won't be issuing said album on a plain old boring CD... oh no, it will come in 10 different limited edition formats of 50 copies each starting with a disc mounted on a mirror and now, something that looks like a wooden cube. What is it? What does it mean? Will it ship flat Ikea-style? Inquiring minds want to know...

What exactly is "World music"?

World Music is the name of our new album. It's music from us to the world.

I understand you had some difficulty finding a label for the new album... why do you think that is? And then, after searching all over, why exactly did you end up with Spegel?

The difficulty wasn't so much finding a label as finding the right one. We didn't want to end up in the constrains and rigidness of a typical "big label" contract. And we certantly didn't want to be number 50 on someones priority list. So we set out finding people who understod and shared our ideas and views. Someone to work with, rather than against. Once we struck up a conversation with Spegel, the choice was easy.

How exactly does C.Aarmé fit in with Sweden's current music scene, if at all? Feel free to play up any/all connections to the hyped West Coast sounds of Studio/TTA/Air France/etc.

C.Aarmé is a force of nature. We are elegant and yet brutal. The bands you mention above are great, some of them friends of ours, but I couldn't tell you how we fit in to the scene. Fitting in is nothing we're concerned about.

Whose idea was the limited edition formats? Are all 10 planned and ready to go?

That was Spegel's idea. "World music" will be released in 10 different editions, limited to 50 copies each. Edition #2 is up on right now so I guess edition #1 sold out. Once one has sold out a new one comes online. I don't think all ten editions are ready to go, but you should really ask Spegel about that.

The last time I ordered something from Spegel, it was intercepted and destroyed. What do you think will happen this time if/when I order your new album?

"World music" is a bomb. Stay alarmed!

C.Aarmé - Bodybuilding

MinorProgression interviews Air France

MinorProgression interviews Göteborg pop act Air France:

The Swede Beat #7

The latest email newsletter from The Swede Beat is out and it features bits on Air France, Hajen and more:

Air France - GBG belongs to us

Via Pitchfork comes word that Air France have created a musical love-letter (and travel guide) to their home city of Göteborg:

NME goes crazy for Sweden

Lots of Scandinavian reviews at NME this week:

Air France - No way down
WhoMadeWho - The plot
Fever Ray - s/t
AK-Momo - Return to NY
Peter Bjorn And John - Living thing

As was wisely suggested by a reader, does this mean we have to endure a new Swedish break-out period?

Sincerely Yours #101

The latest release from Sincerely Yours is a new video/remix by Air France: