Artist: Agent Simple

Country: Sweden
Genre: Electronic/Synth/Dance
Reviews: I got mad at the kids
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James Ausfahrt (Agent Simple, Hemstad) has a new album out on Fridlyst called "Party for the arty people/arty for the party people". Listen to samples:

Also note that there's a brand new artist profile up today on Agent Simple. Check it out!

Profile: Agent Simple

Agent Simple
I got mad at the kids
Bedroom Records

Lately I've heard so much mind-blowing Scandinavian music that every time I've reviewed something here, I've never slagged anything off but always sung songs of praise. This is not about to change now, with Agent Simple. I love these four songs, they're like a pair of new jeans that instantly fits perfectly without you having to wash or wear them even once – try to imagine that! If music could make your mouth taste like ice cream, Agent Simple's indiepop would surely perform this great little feat. Now Avi, please give me something rubbish to review so I can find tired mean metaphors, instead of this fluffy ice cream talk (I actually bought this EP with my hard-earned money, so Avi is not to "blame" for me admiring this).
- Simon Tagestam

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

SKWBN's first album is a bit mellower and, to a certain extend, a more experimental affair than their previous two EPs (#1 and #2). Fortunately, it still has that Jens Lekman / Beat Happening / Jonathan Richman feel to it (quirky instrumentation and quirky lyrics where there's no shame in rhyming 'pretty' with 'Tom Petty'). This seems to be a style that tons of Swedish kids are trying to emulate at the moment (a bit like what the Strokes did to the American and British scene, but in a much smaller context, of course), but not a lot of them do it as well as SKWBN, Lekman or El Perro Del Mar (although Agent Simple and Montt Mardié are looking very promising). SKWBN haven't forgotten how to write hits either (e.g. "Noodles"), and this is in fact a very strong album that deserves all the attention it can possible get, from you, you, and you.
- Simon Tagestam

Stefan Strömberg aka Agent Simple has left Hemstad. Åke Strömer aka James Ausfahrt takes his place as the band's new bassist.

Bedroom Records will be releasing a CDR EP from solo artist Agent Simple entitled "I got mad at the kids" on May 28. Download some samples at his website: