Artist: After-School Sports

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: A short melodrama
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After-School Sports - A short melodramaAfter-School Sports
A short melodrama
Cosy Recordings


Bedroom pop, known for its simple charm and... high school-ish spirit, is done quite a bit of justice by this Swedish mystery-tet (who's in this band???). While the similarities to other fixtures of indiepop stardom such as Pipas or The Clientèle may be nearly crippling at various moments, "A short melodrama" is diverse, beautiful, executed well, and most certainly re-playable. Also involved are production values to rival Daniel Johnston, case in point; "Sweet Catrin Dannenmaier". Not a bad thing in either case. The collection includes a cover of Lily Allen's "Smile". I'd like to say this is what that song should have sounded like in the first place. Forget the original. The twee pop community will greet After-School Sports with open arms.
- Paul Bredenberg

The label offshoot of Cosy Den the clubnight has two new releases coming out on July 20. First up is a Swedish-language solo release from Johan Hedberg of Suburban Kids with Biblical Names. Next is After-School Sports, yet another lofi twee act. Naturally, there will be a release party that same evening at Landet in Stockholm. Samples plus more details: