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Newkid - Newkid on the blockNewkid
Newkid on the block


With Afasi & Filthy, Lorentz & M. Sakarias, Alexis Weak and Mohammed Ali, the future of Swedish hiphop looks quite exciting. The latest promising pubescent is Newkid who recently signed to Lorentz and M. Sakarias's label Baseline, and also released the mixtape "Newkid on the block" last month. Newkid's only 18 years old which shows to some extent, especially in his lyrics (most of them are about buying sneakers, parents and other big teenage problems, all rapped/sung in Swedish), but the production is very slick and Newkid's got a very appealing flow. The lyrics might be puerile, but they are also very affable. Newkid should really become a massive star in Sweden, he's a bit like a rapping male Swedish version of Miley Curys, but ace (which I guess is almost the opposite of Miley Curys). It's not as strong as the Lorentz and M. Sakarias's "Summer in the city" or Alexis Weak's "Välkommen till Gullmarsplan" mixtapes (Lorentz and Weak feature on one song each here, two of the best songs on the tape), but it all bodes very well for the future.
Download here:
- Simon Tagestam

Afasi & Filthy remix competition is throwing an Afasi & Filthy remix competition:

SR P3 Guld 2009

Here are the winners of this year's Swedish Radio (SR) P3 Guld Awards:

Guldmicken (best live act): Håkan Hellström
Best hip-hop/soul: Afasi & Filthy
Best dance: Style of Eye
Best newcomer: Lykke Li
Best song: Markus Krunegård – Jag är en vampyr
Best pop: El Perro del Mar
Best group: Johnossi
Best rock/metal: In Flames
Best artist: Håkan Hellström

Manifest nominees are go

The nominees for the Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative Grammy, have been announced:

Thermostatic - Humanizer (Wonderland Records)
Zeigeist - The Jade Motel (Spegel/Imperial Recordings/Playground)
Moonlight Cove - Orphans of the Storm (Kinetophone/Hot Stuff)
Elegant Machinery - A soft exchange (Out of Line/Hot Stuff)
Movits - Äppelknyckarjazz (BD Pop/Universal)
Erici - Brasilicum (Erici Music/Dead Frog)
Saft Stockholm - Ordet (Saft Productions/Stockholm Electronica)
Kungers - Galaxen (Rätta Visan/Border)
Anders Dahl - Doorbells (Bombaxbombax)
Nina de Heyney, Charlotte Hug & Christian Jormin - Acoustic Electronic (LJ Records)
Pär Thörn - Schöneberg/Stammheim/Gärdet/Rågsved (Treffpunkt)
Anders Hultqvist - Traces (Chamber Sound)
Frida Hyvönen - Silence Is Wild (Licking Fingers/Playground)
Hello Saferide - More modern short stories from... (Razzia/Bonnier Amigo)
Joel Alme - A Master Of Ceremonies (Sincerely Yours/Border)
Nordpolen - På Nordpolen (Sincerely Yours/Border)
The Hellacopters - Head Off (Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution)
Pascal - Galgberget (Novoton/Bonnier Amigo)
Fatboy - In My Bones (Fat State Production/Playground)
Manikins - Crocodiles (P.Trash Records)
Pär Grindvik - Samlad årsproduktion (Stockholm LTD)
Anders Ilar - Sworn (Level Records 11)
Style of Eye - Duck cover and hold (Pieces of eight records)
Zoo Brazil - No Place Like Home (Gung Ho! Recordings)
Bobo Stenson Trio - Cantando (ECM/Naxos)
Nina Ramsby & Ludwig Berghe Trio - Du har blivit stor nu [En kamp!] (Moserobie/Bonnier Amigo)
e.s.t. - Leucocyte (ACT/Bonnier Amigo)
The Splendor - Sound of Splendor (HOOB/Border)
Disco Volante - "We are forever" (Not enough)
Disfear - "Live the storm" (Relapse/Border)
Nitad - "Ibland kan man inte hindra sig själv" (Kranium)
Meanwhile - "Reality or nothing" (Feral Ward)
Burst - Lazarus Bird (Relapse/Border)
Dismember - Dismember (Regain/Sound Pollution)
Grand Magus - Iron Will (Rise above/Border)
Opeth - Watershed (Roadrunner/Bonnier Amigo)
Chords - Things We Do For Things (Juju/Playground)
Afasi & Filthy – Fläcken (P.o.p.e./Playground)
Masse - Gott & Blandat Vol. 2
Allyawan - Blu Duk Mixtape Vol. 2
Gunnel Mauritzson Band - Det som sker...(Sandkvie Records/CDA)
Maria Hörnelius, Bernt Andersson & Kjell Jansson - En sång för Kent (Eld Records/Border)
Jonas Knutsson & Johan Norberg - Skaren - Norrland III (Act/BAM)
Bjernulf/Björklund/Lindh – Pål Olles väg (Courage)
Melpo Mene - Bring the Lions Out (Imperial Recordings/Playground)
Hyacinth House - Black Crows Country (True Music Production/Glitterhouse)
First Aid Kit - Drunken Trees (Rabid Records/Border)
Olle Nyman - Venture (A West Side Fabrication/Border)
Detektivbyrån (Danarkia)
The Hellacopters (Psychout Records)
Lykke Li (LL Recordings)
Robyn (Konichiwa Records)
Myspace prize for best unsigned act:
Hero in action
Miranda Gjerstad
Sci-Fi Hands
John F Karlsson
Tim Schmidt
The Bellevues

Go here for more:

Och de vinnarna är...

Here are the winners of this year's Swedish Grammy/Grammis:

Best album: Anna Ternheim - Leaving On A Mayday
Best dance/hip-hop/soul: Afasi & Filthy - Fläcken
Best folk/visa: Abalone Dots - Traveler
Best group: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Communion
Best hardrock: In Flames - A Sense Of Purpose
Best jazz: E.S.T. - Leucocyte
Best female artist: Anna Ternheim - Leaving On A Mayday
Best live act: Robyn
Best song: E.M.D. - Jennie, Let Me Love You
Best male artist: Håkan Hellström - För Sent För Edelweiss
Best newcomer: Kleerup - Kleerup
Best composer: Kleerup - Kleerup
Best producer: Kleerup - Kleerup
Best lyrics: Annika Norlin - More Modern Short Stories From Hello Saferide
MTV prize for best video: They Live By Night - Catching Up (Dir. Senay/ Kolacz)
Best electronic producer: Eric Prydz

Top 10s for 2008: It's a Trap! (albums)

Swedish indie hip-hop crew Maskinen will be releasing their debut full-length on January 19. The group features Frej Larson from Slagsmålsklubben, Kihlen from Snook and duo Afasi & Filthy.

The new Afasi & Filthy video for "Sverigetrotters" is on YouTube:
Nice to see some footage from Hultsfred - it was a great show.

Afasi & Filthy - FläckenAfasi & Filthy


Afasi - the rapper - and Filthy - the producer - have been slumming it on the Swedish hip-hop scene for a few good years, releasing mixtapes, remix CDs, albums etc. I've been aware of them, but they haven't properly caught my attention until now. I've gone back to their previous material to see if I missed something, but even though they've done some great stuff in the past (Filthy's produced some amazing stuff), nothing is as good as "Fläcken". It's hip-hop with Swedish lyrics, but it's got the very appealing mix of "serious" (or "conscious") lyrics together with banging beats (there are also a few slower songs on the album). I really, really love this record, it's one of the best albums of 2008 and maybe the best Swedish rap album ever. A few months ago I convinced an American friend, who speaks no Swedish, to buy the album and he loves it, so don't let the fact that you might not understand what they rap about scare you! I heard or read somewhere someone calling Afasi & Filthy Sweden's Lil' Wayne - it might not be the best description, but they definitely have something of the charm and flow that Weezy's got (although the song "Fläcken" reminds me a lot of Devin the Dude's six year old "Doobie ashtray").
- Simon Tagestam

Festival report: Hultsfred 08 (pt. II)

There's going to be a big Nordic Hip-hop festival in Copenhagen on May 9-10:
Acts confirmed include Petter, Afasi & Filthy, Clemens and tons more.

Swedish hip-hop duo Afasi & Filthy have a new website:

Swedish hip-hop artists Ison & Fille will release their debut self-titled album October 25 via Hemmalaget/Playground Records. The album features 15 tracks and includes production from Masse, Christian Falk, Embee (Looptroop), Kaah, Astma, Michel Rocwell, Matte (Fjärde Världen) & Abiel, Filthy (Afasi & Filthy), Flyphonic and Fille Danza. Guests include Sabo, Hoosam, Gurmo and Aleks from Ison & Fille's crew Highwon. The first single and video "Ta D Dit" is out now.

P3 has announced the lineup for the upcoming Sveriges Radio-festival at Kulturhuset in Stockholm on September 10-11: Magnus Uggla, Sophie Rimheden, Eskobar, Melody Club, Brainpool, Raymond & Maria, Olle Ljungström, Christian Walz, Jimmy Jansson, Fjärde världen, Ken, Miio, Dhani, Afasi & Filthy, Arash, Emmon, The Tiny, Anna Ternheim, Cirera, JaJu, Metro Jets and Richard Reagh & WWNB2. More info:

You might've seen the news floating around earlier this week, but Andreas Melin aka Broadcaster D, the man behind, is starting an 'inventive' new label called Pay Per Bag. The inventive part is that they are only producing limited runs of their releases on-demand and packaging em in a paper bag, hence the name. They also have declared that 50% of the profits will go to the artists, thus assuring consumers that the actual people responsible for the music are getting paid. Here's the upcoming releases they've got planned:

Afasi & Filthy - "1990nånting EP"
Akem - "Autodidakt"
El Sheriffo - "Det våras för sheriffen"
Caspian Onenine-86 - "Colony Vibe"
Ken - "Det bortglömda"

Read more. (in Swedish, via Dagensskiva)