Aoria album preview

Preview two tracks from "The constant", the upcoming debut album from Swedish melancholy/melodic doom/metal act Aoria. The band features members from acts such as A Swarm of the Sun, October Tide and Katatonia and will definitely appeal to like-minded fans of such acts. Official release: October 10 via on LP/CD/digital.

New Switchblade underway this spring

According to this tweet, Swedish doom trio Switchblade will be recording a new album this spring with Karl Daniel Liden (A Swarm of the Sun/Dozer).

A Swarm of the Sun - ZenithA Swarm of the Sun
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This full-length from the Swedish duo of Jakob Berglund and Erik Nilsson is one that should appeal to fans of the post-rock/metal style employed by the likes of Isis, Red Sparowes and fellow countrymen Cult of Luna. However, they're slightly more subdued than the aforementioned artists for the most part and, one could say, altogether more darkly ethereal in outlook. Tracks such as "The stand" and "Repeater" display their penchant for slow, trawling, disturbing passages, while "The worms are out" reveals the band's more caustic side -- a side that should really have been explored to greater depths in this album. The problem is that they've gone for the lethargic, almost depressive approach throughout "Zenith" and have left very little room for the abrasive elements in their sound. And, while they do depressive to perfection, they really do shine brighter when they come out with guitars and vocals blazing. It's not to say that the entire album should be full-on metal mayhem; rather a few more parts here and there to stave off the inevitable boredom that comes with sitting through so much inertia. So much potential, yet sadly wasted.
- John Norby

The Silent Ballet reviews A Swarm of the Sun

The Silent Ballet reviews the 2nd album from A Swarm of the Sun:

A Swarm of the Sun e-card

Check out an e-card for A Swarm of the Sun's new album "Zenith":
If you dig Logh and Cult of Luna, these dudes are about halfway between.

Sirius playlist week #31

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU:

01. Niels Nielsen - Dpend
02. TALK 1
03. Haleiwa - Pure vida dude
04. Óðmenn - Einn ég ræ
05. The Bear Quartet - Lovers goodbye
06. Night Minutes - Sweetheart at the funeral
07. TALK 2
08. A Swarm of the Sun - The worms are out
09. Logh - An alliance of hearts
10. Tomas Halberstad - I must be in love
11. TALK 3
12. Liechtenstein - On the tram
13. Scraps of Tape - Blindspot
14. Dear Euphoria - Coming down
15. Dyno - Emotional
16. TALK 4
17. Kvelertak - Ordsmedar av rang
18. The Social Services - Baltic Sea
19. Oriel Joans - Knuckles whiten
20. TALK 5
21. Ted Gärdestad - Oh, vilken härlig dag

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The Silent Ballet reviews Swedish melancholic doom act A Swarm of the Sun:

The Silent Ballet interviews Jakob Berglund of Swedish doom act A Swarm of the Sun:

Swedish doom act A Swarm of the Sun has now confirmed April 30 for the release of their new EP "The king of everything". The first single "I fear the end" is now available for download, both as a video and mp3:
Recommended for fans of Katatonia and the like.