Artist: A Sudden Burst of Optimism

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Demo
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Madrid will host the "Swedish Rockdays" on November 30 at Sala Arena. The festival will feature a number of Swedish bands from a multitude of genres and besides the main showcase gig, there will also be in-stores and radio shows. Acts slated to perform include Ebon Tale, A Sudden Burst of Optimism, The Skiller, Les Issambres and The Gain. More info:

A Sudden Burst of Optimism

Good energy for a slightly emo indie rock band that manages to present themselves in a good fashion with this demo. The songs go in a few different directions and keep me guessing as to what the next angle will be, despite the relative simplicity of the premise. Not a bad demo at all that showcases a talented band that could get even better. Recommended listening.
- Simon Thibaudeau