Artist: A Perfect Friend

Country: Sweden
Genre: Drone/Ambient
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Spectral evidence

New unnamed sounds from the mind of CJ Larsgården (Pacta, A Perfect Friend, Ondo). A work in progress.

Forest City - Heaven her

Forest City = Carl-Johan Larsgården (Pacta/A Perfect Friend/Ondo), Thomas Jonsson (A Perfect Friend/I'm Kingfisher) and Christophe Bailleau.

Top tens for 2010: Thomas Denver Jonsson/I'm Kingfisher

New LP from Yrsel in October

Yrsel, the doom collaboration between CJ Larsgården (Pacta/A Perfect Friend/Ondo) and Frenchman Julian Louvet (The Austrasian Goat), will be releasing the new LP "Sacrifice" in October via . Vinyl-only, 350 copies; more info and samples here:

A Perfect Friend - Lost keys

A Perfect Friend are streaming a brand new track at myspace:

Knoppar signs two new acts

(Tvärvägen, A Perfect Friend) has announced the signing of two new acts: Euphoria and the Lazy Boy and The Eyeshades. Expect new EPs from both in early 2010.

Top 10s for 2009: Thomas Denver Jonsson

Knoppar presents Tvärvägen alias Spunk for free download

The Knoppar label has a new release from Tvärvägen "sideproject" Spunk available for free download:
In the same link at the very bottom, there's also another free download for a mix of new Knoppar stuff which I presume includes more Tvärvägen as well as A Perfect Friend and more.

November Clubnight revised

Slight change of plans! Mr. Björn Kleinhenz has (wisely) decided that he'd prefer to take some time off following his month-long solo tour, so he's opted to sit out our upcoming Clubnight in November. Instead, The Topeka Twins' other half Thomas Denver Jonsson will perform with his other duo A Perfect Friend which consists of him and yet another IAT.MP3 alumnus, C-J Larsgården of (Pacta/Pacta Sunt Servanda). See you there?

A Perfect Friend - Picture

A Perfect Friend are currently streaming a new track at myspace called "Picture":
Very possibly the best material I've heard from them so far.

A Perfect Friend signs with Knoppar

A Perfect Friend (Thomas Denver Jonsson + Pacta/Ondo) has signed with Knoppar (Hajen, Tvärvägen) for the release of their sophomore album "Timber and modern ways". No date yet, but expect a release late this year.

New material from Thomas Denver Jonsson soon

Thomas Denver Jonsson has a few new comp appearances coming up -- first is "What's kickin' vol. 4" on Stovepony Records which features "Willing night plants", Thomas' first new track in close to two years. That comes out in July. Next is the Townes Van Zandt tribute "Via the great unknown" on Forthesakeofthesong which will feature Thomas' take of the track "To live is to fly". That should be out in October. As for Thomas' other plans, he says his new album "Arctic" is currently being prepped for release along with the sophomore release from sideproject A Perfect Friend.

A Perfect Friend, the duo of Thomas Denver Jonsson and C-J Larsgården, has a new track up at myspace called "The artificial lung":
The group also reports that they've completed almost two albums worth of material and are currently seeking out labels to work with. Oh, and speaking of C-J Larsgården, he's got a bunch of new releases on the way from various sideprojects such as Ondo and Tuguska:

The prolific C-J Larsgården (IAT.MP3 act Pacta Sunt Servanda aka Pacta, Ondo, A Perfect Friend, Misto, etc.) has a new rock band project called Morgan Kane. Check it:

A Perfect Friend, the duo of Thomas Denver Jonsson and C-J Larsgården (see this week's mp3 posts), are looking for a new label to release their next album "Timber and modern ways":