Artist: Örnsberg

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Redlinespotting
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Örnsberg - Legendary (video)

Örnsberg rework and remix Leila K's "Legendary" on the occasion of her 40th birthday.

Örnsberg - Hela värdlen saknar dig (video)

Lo-fi/DIY visuals balanced out by quality Swedish indiepop melancholia. Hear more from Örnsberg here:

Örnsberg - RedlinespottingÖrnsberg
Perfectly Charming Records


Magnus Carlson sure is whoring himself out these days; I don't know how else to explain his various appearances on records such as Trummor & Orgel's "Cannonball sessions" and now this. Whatever happened to less is more? At least Magnus' voice raises the level here as opposed to that other example (let us never speak of it again). His contribution to "Weekend lights" is a highlight on this decent, but ultimately forgettable record. Örnsberg (aka artist Johan Ragnarsson) strikes me as a slightly less-indie The Tough Alliance: similar mid-fi techno, but without the art-school hangups and West Coast vibe. He's got good songwriting instincts and an okay voice, but he lacks character and attitude and that's something TTA has in spades (for better or worse). Too cool, too reserved and just way too Stockholm.
- Avi Roig

Magnus Carlson of Weeping Willows has been busy this summer recording various duets including a track with Freddie Wadling entitled "Isolation" and a song with Örnsberg called "Weekend lights". Listen to the latter here:
Magnus also contributed guest vocals to a Trummor & Orgel track, their cover of Georgie Fame's "Somebody stole my thunder".