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Still moving slow

Since my laptop was confirmed deceased on Friday I have slowly started the long and arduous process of rebuilding my daily bookmark database. We're still deep into the dogdays of summer and not much is happening, so I'm taking it slow and will try to get back up to speed by the end of the week (or next). I doubt I'll ever get back all 2000+ links that I lost, but that's fine -- starting fresh is not so bad.

Taking a breather

My laptop bit the dust this weekend, so I'm going to take a bit of a break from heavy-duty daily posting until I get things fixed. Updates will still happen, just not as much as you might be normally used to.
UPDATE: Well, my laptop is totally kaput along with all the data on it, so it looks like it'll be a long, slow slog as I try to rebuild my extensive bookmark database, recreate my notes and so on. Let this serve as a reminder to back up your data frequently!

New Clubnights now confirmed

New dates for It's a Trap! Clubnights at Debaser Malmö are finally confirmed! First up, we have Norwegian act Sigh & Explode playing on August 8 and then we've got Pixie Carnation plus Rolf Fabian & the Industry of Cool on September 26! Both should be great shows, so you know where to be if you're in the area! Also, my friends Pixie Carnation will be heading down to Germany for a one-off gig at the BootBooHook Festival in Hannover on August 22. Mark your calendars!

Umeå Punk City Fanzine + CD

Now in stock: Umeå Punk City Fanzine + CD
This zine + compilation package features 30+ interviews with Umeå-based punk acts such as AC4, Regulations, Masshysteri, Invasionen, Knugen Faller, Industri Royal, Epidemics, The Bombettes and way more along with a 26-track compilation CD. Not only that, it's dirt cheap! Highly recommended, especially for anyone with an interest in hyper-local music scenes! See more here: http://umeapunkcity.blogspot.com/

3-day weekend

It's a Trap! is heading to the coast for some much needed R&R. See you Monday! RIP MJ.

MP3: Pixie Carnation - When did the lights go out

Repost! This song deserves top placement again, not just because I just received copies of their CDEP for resale, but simply because it needs to be heard. I think these dudes are one of the biggest potential breakthrough acts of this year, so listen up! Oh yeah, and glad midsommar!

Pixie Carnation - When did the lights go out

Twitter links added

Twitter share links are now added in the post footers, something I probably should have done days/weeks/months ago. If you notice any weirdness or have other suggestions for added functionality, let me know!

MP3: Bruket - Stockholm kallar

Confirmed for the next It's a Trap! Clubnight at Debaser Malmö on June 20th: Bruket. Listen to their debut single "Stockholm kallar" and you won't be surprised to learn that it was produced by The Hives' Almqvist brothers (that's Pelle and Niklas), especially considering the Fagersta connection (The Hives' hometown), but I think they're less inspired by slashing garage-pop-punk than classic Svensk punk. Think Ebba Grön or Docent Död with echoes of The Clash and other similar-era acts -- heavy on the pop with huge anthemic choruses. They throw in a dubby breakdown, too. 2009, 1979, whatever. I'm sure it'll be a great show.

Bruket - Stockholm kallar

Due diligence is lacking

I may act like a know-it-all sometimes, but I am far from infallible -- many thanks to Svein Egil Hatlevik (Zweizz) for pointing out regarding this and this that Rune Grammofon previously released Archetti/Wiget's debut "Low tide digitals" in 2001, which was officially the label's first non-Norwegian release. And let us not forget Danes Skyphone either, which makes me feel extra dumb because I even have one of their albums and like it.

Massive mailorder update!

Massive mailorder update from Startracks today! Check it:

Kristofer Åström - Sinkadus (LP)
Kristofer Åström - Sinkadus (CD)
Florence Valentin - Spring Ricco (CD)
Big Byrd - Anna Belle (7")
Tiger Lou - A partial print (LP) - Restock!
Tiger Lou - Crushed by a crowd (7") - Restock!

Keep the music business alive! Support the arts! Buy records!

It's a Trap! Clubnight/Dagensskiva 10-year anniversary party details

If you were thinking of heading out to the It's a Trap! Clubnight/Dagensskiva 10-year anniversary party at Debaser Malmö on May 16 with Division of Laura Lee and Cut City, some additional details are posted here: http://dagensskiva.com/2009/05/05/10-arsfest-division-of-laura-lee-och-cut-city-pa-debaser-malmo-%E2%80%94-fira-med-oss/
It's a shame I can't be there myself, but y'know- thousands of miles between us and all that. But how about the coincidence of stellar local-to-me band Wolves in the Throne Room being reviewed today? The world is a smaller place than you might think!

Sonic Ritual 7" ready for order

In case you missed my comment the other day, the new Sonic Ritual 7" is now in-stock and ready for order: [click here]

Q109 roundup

We're now three months in 2009, so how about we take a quick break to recount some of our favorite albums of the year so far? Make your opinion known in the comments!

New releases from Adrian Recordings ready for order!

New in stock and ready to order from Adrian Recordings:

The Fine Arts Showcase - Dolophine smile (CD)
Andreas Tilliander - Show (CD)
Emil Jensen - 300 eMIL (DVD/CD)

The official release dates for all three are still a bit off in the distance, but if you order now, there's a very good chance they'll show up early.

Pretty Whores added to April Clubnight

Malmö's Pretty Whores have been added to the lineup of the next It's a Trap! Clubnight on April 18 with Convoj/