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Inventory adjustment!

The more stuff I get rid of in my ongoing clearance sale, the more old stock I discover -- many titles once labelled out of stock from artists such as Firefox AK, Hello Saferide, The Je Ne Sais Quoi, David & the Citizens, Vapnet, El Perro Del Mar and others are now being relisted, some of them at new, lower prices. But! Bear in mind that many of these are limited to one or maybe two copies each, so you better act fast if you want one: [click here]

Cyber Monday?

What's that even mean? But hey, if that's what it takes to move merch in these downtrodden financial times, then Cyber Monday it is! Of course our year-end CD clearance sale is still going strong, but don't forget that I've also marked down prices everywhere else as well. Even better, I've also dug out a few nearly-forgotten sleeveless copies of Hello Saferide vinyl and am offering 'em up for cheap! Buy the LP and make your own cover! Give it as a gift! Keep the economy rolling?

More markdowns!

The It's a Trap! End Tymes CD clearance sale has been so successful, I've decided to mark down even more titles! That's right -- look for new additions in the clearance section as well as lower prices everywhere else. Who knows? I may even throw up a few extra promo CDs if I get the chance. Keep checking back!

2009 Year-End CD Sale

I hereby announce the It's a Trap! End of the Decade CD sale! I've marked down almost every single non-new, non-consignment title to $3 or less and I want them GONE. Hundreds of discs, including many heavy-hitters and every single physical release I put out on my own label. Of course, quantities of many items are extremely limited, so act fast: GO GO GO!
Even better: get 1 additional clearance CD free for every 5 you buy! Quantity = quality!

It's a Trap! mailorder update

New items in stock in the It's a Trap! mailorder:

Björn Kleinhenz - B.U.R.M.A. (CD)
Björn Kleinhenz - Head held high on fearsome pride (CD) + Recording diary
Hearts No Static - Motif (CD)

If you dug the free EP download from Hearts No Static, you'll love the album. Or even if you didn't dig the EP, you might still be into the full-length because it's way better. I stand proudly behind my netlabel's releases, but I know when I'm licked! And as for Björn Kleinhenz's new releases, what more can I say about the man and his work? I've heaped loads of praise on him before and he's deserved every bit of it, but I really do truly believe that he's outdone himself with these two new records. And the recording diary? A stellar addition, perfect for anyone who appreciates the personal touch of a physical release. As always, all items are in-stock and ready to ship.

Also! I know I probably don't have many local readers, but I will be tabling at the Olympia Record Swap here in Olympia, WA on November 14. In addition to a couple crates of quality used vinyl items I've picked up here and there, I'll also be dragging out a good portion of the IAT! distro and will be selling items for dirt cheap, in addition to giving away a whole bunch of stuff I'm sick of looking at. Many CDs will be a buck or less, so if that sounds good, I hope to see you there! And feel free to get in touch if you have special requests as I won't be bringing everything.

It's a Trap! in NYC

I'm leaving for NYC in a couple hours, so don't expect updates until I get back on Monday. See you at CMJ?

November Clubnight revised

Slight change of plans! Mr. Björn Kleinhenz has (wisely) decided that he'd prefer to take some time off following his month-long solo tour, so he's opted to sit out our upcoming Clubnight in November. Instead, The Topeka Twins' other half Thomas Denver Jonsson will perform with his other duo A Perfect Friend which consists of him and yet another IAT.MP3 alumnus, C-J Larsgården of (Pacta/Pacta Sunt Servanda). See you there?

The Topeka Twins added to November Clubnight

Confirmed as support for It's a Trap! Clubnight on November 14 w/Kristofer Åström: The Topeka Twins! Hell yes, the duo of Björn Kleinhenz and Thomas Denver Jonsson will grace the stage of Debaser Malmö! Be there!

It's a Trap! Clubnights fall/winter 2009

Lots of great site news today! In addition to the awesome new netrelease from Hearts No Static (see here and here), I've also just received our confirmed schedule for the rest of 2009's It's a Trap! Clubnights at Debaser Malmö! And OMG, it's gonna be great because we've got some amazing bands coming -- check it:

09/26 - Pixie Carnation, Rolf Fabian & the Industry of Cool
10/17 - Per Egland, Industri Royal
11/14 - Kristofer Åström
12/19 - Sator

Expect local support acts to be announced for the November and December dates soon. Otherwise, mark your calendars and make sure to be there!

Sweden at CMJ 09 - Turning the Market Around: Creative Dialogues for Stepping up the Game

If you're going to CMJ or will happen to be in NYC in late October, the Consulate General of Sweden and Export Music Sweden are once again teaming up for a series of panel discussions on the current state of the music industry and yours truly will be there. Read more and register (free) here: http://www.swedenabroad.com/Page____22227.aspx
NYC friends who care to hang out and/or show me + my wife around are encouraged to get in touch! And as for the showcase, artists slated to appear include Hajen, Francis, Sofia Talvik and Moonbabies.

Great Northern Recordings compilation #4 restock

The first batch of copies for the new Great Northern Recordings compilation #4 (feat. Lakes of Grass and Gold (aka Erik Enocksson), Tape, The Magic State and Tsukimono) sold out mighty quick, but I've managed to score another grip and have updated the storefront accordingly. Buy or die: CD / CS
Don't snooze on this one - once these are gone, they are gone for good!

Great Northern Recordings compilation #4 is here

Now in stock: Great Northern Recordings compilation #4, both on CDr and cassette and both packaged in beautiful black-on-black silkscreened sleeves with artwork by Ragnar Persson. As for the music, once again it's some of the best the Swedish underground has to offer: Lakes of Grass and Gold (aka Erik Enocksson), Tape, The Magic State and Tsukimono. Looks good, sounds good, is good!

"Have heart" mix

It's not 100% Scandinavian, but I have a new mix I made up at the blog You Were There, Too entitled "Have heart": http://youweretheretoo.blogspot.com/2009/08/avi-roigs-playlist.html

The Bear Quartet - 89 now ready for pre-order

Copies of the brand new Bear Quartet album "89" are in-hand and ready for order: [click here]
Buy now and you might even get it before the official release date of 9/9/9, but only if you're lucky. Needless to say, this disc is absolutely essential.

Behind the curve

The day has finally arrived. I have succumbed to peer pressure and joined Facebook. Friends and associates, feel free to seek out my profile and add me. Marketers, business-types and other snake oil salesmen with whom I do not already have a pre-existing relationship, please continue to contact me in the usual way where I can ignore you more efficiently. Thank you!