Year-end site updates

This will mostly only be of interest to the tech-minded, but just in case anyone at all is curious, here's the latest updates I've done on the site's back-end:
First, I've updated the version of jQuery I'm running (v1.4) and switched over to Google's CDN. Usually I'm pretty adamant about self-hosting all of the site's functionality, but I think it's fairly safe to lean a little on Google at this point and I believe that many users will already have it cached, hopefully giving our loadtime a slight boost. This also means that some of my older scripts might act up due to backwards compatibility issues, so if you see anything funny that isn't solved with a shift-refresh, please let me know.
Secondly, I've added Twitter and Facebook buttons to replace the outdated share links. I'm optimistic that we won't see huge lag times as those widgets load, but if you do see performance issues, again, please do let me know.
And last but not least, I've updated the in-line streaming mp3 widget to be use HTML5 on compatible browsers with a seamless rollback to Flash if not. Unfortunately I don't own an iPod/iPad and can't troubleshoot whether it works properly on those devices, but feel free to browse my mp3 posts to see it in action. Thanks!