Artist: Reykjavík!

Country: Iceland
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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Reykjavík! album stream

Icelandic indie act Reykjavík! are streaming their new album "Locust sounds" in full at SoundCloud:

Reykjavík! - Internet (video)

Here's Reykjavík! with their video for the song "Internet", sounding way more math/hardcore than I had heard from them before. Direct link:

Reykjavik! interview and EP download

Halifax Collect talks to Reykjavik! and helps them give away their new EP:

PopMatters reviews Reykjavik!

PopMatters gives middling marks to Icelandic act Reykjavik! and their album "The blood":

Reykjavík! to get European and American release for new album

Icelandic noisepoppers Reykjavík! will see their most recent album "The blood" released in Europe on July 3 and North America on August 4 via Kimi Records.

Feature: Iceland's new heroes

Icelandic act Reykjavík! has posted their new video for the song "Kate Bush" on YouTube:

Icelandic label Bad Taste has posted samples and details for new releases from Eberg, Reykjavík!, Kitchen Motors Collective, Tunglskinsmjólk, Frć and Dark Harvest: