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Pg.lost album preview

Pg.lost's new album "Key", now streaming in full via SoundCloud.

Pg.lost - Key (teaser)

Check out a quick teaser clip for the upcoming Pg.lost album "Key", due out May 4 via .

Pg.lost - Vultures

German mag Visions is premiering a new track from Swedish postrock act Pg.lost:

New Pg.lost in May

has announced that Swedish postrockers Pg.lost will be releasing their new album "Key" on May 4. In other news, look for the band to tour Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan) in March with a European tour to follow in May.

Jeudah album now streaming

has posted Jeudah's new album "While we sleep" for full streaming at Bandcamp:
As mentioned before, Jeudah is the long-distance collaboration project of Jan Jämte (Khoma) and Kristian Karlsson (Pg.lost, ex-Eskju Divine).

Tristesse interviews Jeudah, offers preview tune

Finnish website Tristesse has a new interview with the guys from Jeudah (feat. members from Khoma and Pg.lost) as well as an exclusive stream of a new track from them:

Jeudah - The edge of the world

Jeudah, the long-distance collaboration of Jan Jämte (Khoma) and Kristian Karlsson (Pg.lost, ex-Eskju Divine), now have a sample tune online:
Look for the band's debut album "While we sleep" to be released sometime around March/April via .

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Pg.lost Asian tour

Swedish postrockers Pg.lost leave to tour Asia in a few days:

09/23 - International Theatre, Hangzhou
09/24 - VOX, Wuhan
09/25 - New Little Bar, Chengdu
09/26 - MAO Livehouse, Bejing
09/28 - S Club, Dalian
09/30 - Iron Age, Guangzhou
10/01 - Hang Out, Hongkong
10/03 - The Wall, Taiwan/Taipei
10/04 - Midi Festival, Zhenjiang
10/05 - Theatre, Shanghai

Jeudah debut in the works

Jeudah, the sideproject of Khoma frontman Jan Jämte and ex-Eskju Divine/Pg.lost bassist Kristian Karlsson, is reportedly on track to mix their debut album in November for an early 2011 release:

Pg.lost is going to China

Pg.lost will be heading to China in September. Exact details are not 100% confirmed yet, but preliminary dates are posted here:

Pg.lost post EP for free download

Swedish postrockers Pg.lost are giving away their EP "Yes I am" as a free download:

Pg.lost - In never outPg.lost
In never out
Black Star Foundation


Pg.lost have always impressed me -- their first effort, "Yes I am" is as solid and engaging a debut record as I know, followed quickly by the lengthier, though less intricate "It's not me, it's you!", which, despite my criticisms, remains a fantastic foray into the world of postrock. That said, this most recent effort is perhaps their crowning achievement. "Yes I am", while a stunning record, feels more like an EP than an album; "It's not me, it's you!" occasionally used sledgehammers of sound where previously they had weaved elaborate melodic threads; but on "In never out", Pg.lost get it just right -- the building, anthemic qualities of "Yes I am" are paired faultlessly with the heavy, driving relentlessness seen on "It's not me, it's you!". Whatever worries the opening track's minimalist darkness gave me at first were easily dispelled by the detailed and layered, but just as heavy, "Jura", one of the album's finest moments. Now, after almost a week with "In never out", it's hard to imagine the album starting any other way, even if the majority of the record has more in common with the haunting, stratified second track. Even though those initial thrills that course through my brain upon hearing damn fine postrock have subsided somewhat, I'd still recommend "In never out" to friends interested in heavier, more distortion laden postrock just as readily as I would Mono's "One step more and you die" or Explosions in the Sky's "All of a sudden I miss everyone". Pg.lost deserve to have their name and their achievements, especially "In never out", mentioned in the same discussion as artists and albums of the caliber cited above.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

The Silent Ballet interviews Pg.lost

The Silent Ballet interviews Swedish postrock act Pg.lost:

"In never out" on vinyl

Swedish postrockers Pg.lost will be putting out their latest album "In never out" as a limited 300-edition vinyl run.