Artist: Mats Grönmark

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Pulling rabbits out of hats (mp3)
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Roller coaster blues preview

A preview of the new Mats Grönmark album "Roller coaster blues", out now via .

MP3: Bonghit - Slum och kreditkort

Witness the magic of the internet! My friend Mathias sent me a link to the above yesterday with the comment: "Check out Mats Grönmark's old band Bonghit in this video from 1987, made in Stockholm. It blows me away! Mats has a lot of attitude to play with all that distortion so high in the mix in fucking 1987! If they'd been from England or New Zealand they would be a cult band today." Real talk! I'm no fan of Mats' solo material (can't stand his voice, to be honest), but this? Totally killer postpunk/proto-indie. Loud guitars, strong melodies, nothing not to like. Naturally, I'm led to their myspace page for more tracks and am further intrigued. I email back to Mathias as such and then, one day later, there's an email from vocalist Kiana with three songs from the band's sole demo. Brilliant obscurities delivered to my doorstep in < 24hrs... simply amazing. From me to you and onward.

Bonghit - Slum och kreditkort

MP3: Mats Grönmark - Pulling rabbits out of hats

Mats Grönmark has himself a great sounding C&W backing band, but no, this isn't good.

Mats Grönmark - Pulling rabbits out of hats

Mats Grönmark - Clam without a shell

Check out the video for "Clam without a shell" from Swedish artist Mats Grönmark (Burek V):

Mats Grönmark from Burek V to release solo album

Swedish artist Mats Grönmark (Burek V) will release his debut solo album "Tape hiss hit or miss and sometimes even bliss" on May 27 via Rhythm Ace/Plugged Records. Hear samples at myspace: