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Pitchfork reviews Johan Agebjörn

Pitchfork reviews Johan Agebjörn's new album "Casablanca nights":
Don't forget to check out our interview with Johan here.

Interview: Johan Agebjörn

Interview: Johan Agebjörn

The Pfork Forkcast has new music from Johan Agebjörn (Sally Shapiro) posted :

Sally Shaprio and Johan Agebjörn talk up their favorite local Stockholm artists for Paper Thin Walls:

Sally Shapiro producer Johan Agebjörn will be releasing a solo album entitled "Mossebo " on September 2 via the US-based label Lotuspike.

The reclusive Sally Shapiro and producer Johan Agebjörn are coming over for a few North American dates in March:

03/04 - Wrongbar, Toronto, ONT
03/07 - Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
03/09 - Sonotheque, Chicago, IL

Look for the new remix album "Remix romance" this coming spring via Paper Bag Records.