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ěresund Space Collective prepares 2011 releases

Swedish/Danish improv/prog act ěresund Space Collective has a long list of new releases in the works, including an expanding CD reissue of "Dead man in space", a 2LP live album recording at Roadburn in 2010 and a trilogy of vinyl LPs culled from their September 2010 studio sessions:

ěresund Space Collective - Slip into the vortexěresund Space Collective
Slip into the vortex
Transubstans Records


If you're not already familiar with Denmark's improv jazz merchants, the band name itself should hint as to the style evident on "Slip into the vortex". That's right, it's a progtastic space rock extravaganza that will have fans of the genre slipping into ěSC's own musical vortex for close on 80 minutes. It's a strange affair, this album. Of course, that can be said for a lot of bands who populate this weird sub-genre. But with "Slip into the vortex" there's something altogether different going on; it might sound silly, but the first part of this album sounds a lot like an electronic version of the Lethal Weapon 2 soundtrack with its odd, almost sleazy, saxophone sections playing a predominant role, especially in opening track, "I teleported to Acapulco". It takes a while before the cosmic elements kick off in earnest but, when they do, it's like the soundtrack to a space rock fan's wet dream (I assume). If this is as improvised as the band claims, then it's astounding that they've pulled it off so fluidly. There's definitely a particular frame of mind required to pull maximum enjoyment from this and if you're there it's sublime. If not, it can get a bit tiresome. Might not be the greatest thing ěSC have ever done, but it's close.
- John Norby

New ěresund Space Collective vinyl-only album

Swedish/Danish improv/prog act ěresund Space Collective have a new vinyl-only LP called "Dead man in space" featuring 3 new jams:

DOA covers ěresund Space Collective, Doctors & Dealers

Delusions of Adequacy review spacerockers ěresund Space Collective:
Also covered, the new Doctors & Dealers record "Lost friends and newfound habits":

Sirius playlist week #15

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU:

01. Lowood - It's a mess (feat. Kristofer ┼str÷m)
02. TALK 1
03. Murmansk - Sweet trio
04. ěresund Space Collective - My heel has a beard
05. Nutid - Pianoflikkan
06. TALK 2
07. Montt MardiÚ - Bang, bang (Echo in Warsaw)
08. Rupesh Cartel - Oh no oh no!
09. Bellman - Sleep forever
10. Pixie Carnation - Little sister
11. TALK 3
12. Fever Ray - Concrete walls
13. Jesper Norda - We have the guts
14. Bad Hands - Bad hands (feat. Nina Kinert)
15. TALK 4
16. Turboweekend - Up with the smoke - Down with the ash

Reminder: my show airs every week on Sundays and Mondays at 11pm ET on Sirius XMU. That's channel 26 on Sirius, 43 on XM and 831 for DirecTV subscribers.

MP3: ěresund Space Collective - Good planets are hard to find

I've been sidelined by the flu all week long, so I'm closing out this week of mp3 posts with something that doesn't require much thinking. It might get your imagination going though; I know it does for me in my doped-up fever-dream state (don't worry, I feel much better today, thanks). As I mentioned in my review of ěresund Space Collective's "The black tomato", my first impression of the group, the general MO of the band is practically self-explanatory: get a bunch of guys in the room, hit record and start jamming. I'm sure it doesn't always come out 100% awesome, but that's fine because they cull all the best material for their official releases so any and all missteps are left behind the scenes. On their new collection "Good planets are hard to find", they kick things off with an Eastern-themed jam that simmers and broods over the course of 10-minutes. It never quite peaks in an entirely satisfactory manner, but I dig it just the same - like I said, it fits my current mood and condition perfectly. No thinking, just relaxation.

ěresund Space Collective - Good planets are hard to find

MP3: The Chair - September

I'm always stoked when a new package of promo CDs from Transubstans Records shows up because they've consistently got the best hard-rock going on, hands down. Graveyard, Sienna Root, ěresund Space Collective, Villebrňd, the list goes on and on. Naturally there's a few clunkers in the catalog, but I typically find that the positive far outweighs the negative, though a few do fall somewhere in between and The Chair happens to be one of 'em. I dig the band's bluesy hard-rock style, but they've also got a corny side that reminds me of Kiss in a bad way. On the other hand, the more they sound like Blue Cheer, the happier I am and "September" definitely has that going on. I especially dig the way the main riff trades off with the vocals on the verse. It's not rocket science, but if the classic recipe works so well, why mess with it? That's what hard-rock revival is all about; it's called "classic" rock for a reason. This is good summer music that doesn't require much thought, nothing more. And there's no faulting a band with the balls to shout "Turn it up Scandinavia!" as they do in "Barn burner". Just like Kiss, it's goofy as hell, but also kinda bad-ass. I can appreciate that sort of party vibe in limited doses, if I'm in the right mood.

The Chair - September

ěresund Space Collective - The black tomatoěresund Space Collective
The black tomato
Transubstans Records


I'm the kind of guy who appreciates strong structure and composition, so when faced with something like ěresund Space Collective's sprawling 70-minute epic improv session recording they call an album, I must admit that I was a bit daunted. It's hard enough to hold my attention for a 3-minute pop song, much less a 30-minute prog workout, yet somehow I've soldiered through this work numerous times now, emerging on the other side fully unscathed. It's a testament to how good they are at what they do, as it would only take a few small missteps to lose me along the way.

Really, all you need to know about these guys is right there in the name: they are from the ěresund region, they play space rock and they are a collective featuring a large, revolving cast of musicians. If you dig the interplay of talented artists playing off one another and getting lost in the atmosphere (or sent off into the stratosphere, for that matter), then ěSC are for you. If precision chops or tight, concise arrangements are more you thing, keep moving. And those of us, like myself, who dabble in a bit of post-rock and are open-minded enough to approach something a little outside their comfort zone, might find themselves pleasantly surprised.
- Avi Roig